We designed Riddle from the start as a quiz maker - way back in 2014. That's why every one of 15 quiz types has integrated lead generation forms.

But we know that sometimes, you might want a webform without the quiz - so we created our standalone 'form' Riddle format.

Quickly create and embed a lead generation form on your site - then sync and send all lead responses to MailChimp, Google Sheets, SalesForce, or 1,400 other marketing software.

(No coding required!)

Example lead generation form - contest

Check out this example lead form we created with our form builder - around a contest we ran for free quiz masterclasses.

Why add a lead form to your site?

Did you know? E-mail is still the most effective marketing channel out there.

Adding a lead form is a powerful way to grow your email marketing list.

Collect emails with a webform- then automatically send follow up messages as part of your e-mail drip campaigns with your favorite marketing tools.

Great for contests and giveaways

Sometimes you need to give something to get something back. Go beyond just asking 'sign up for our newsletter' in your webform - and run contests or giveaways.

Contests can get you a big boost - with up to 10X average opt-in rates.

Even just giving a free white paper or e-book can be enough value to convince your visitors to sign up.

Example lead generation form - newsletter sign up

We created this sample form with our form builder. It shows how easy it is to collect emails and other information from each lead.

16 types of lead form fields

The key to successful online lead generation is asking the right questions.

Use our drag/drop form builder to easily create your own forms.

Choose from 16 types of fields including:

  • First/last names
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Dropdown
  • Radio buttons
  • Country
  • Checkbox
  • 'Rate us' (1-5 stars)
  • Date & time picker
Creat your own lead generation form using Riddle.com

Get geeky with hidden text and form fields

For advanced users, you can use our hidden text or hidden query fields in your webform.

  • Hidden text: Super useful if you are collecting leads in many forms and want to make sure to identify which form each lead filled out. Just enter any value (e.g. the name of your Riddle) or your own internal ID # - and we'll include that with each lead's data.
  • Hidden query: Attach your URL parameter to each lead's form data to identify where leads come from.For example, you could add 'leadsource' if your URL is https://mysite.com/?leadsource=bannerads - Riddle will send over the value "bannerads" with your form data.

Introducing REGEX - for maximum data compitability

Want advanced control over how data is entered - to match your requirements? Check out our REGEX option in our form builder.

For example, you can require phone numbers match the (###) ###-#### format for the US and Canada.

Have a question about your webform or lead generation?

Please ask away - we're happy to help out with any questions, from lead generation to crafting the perfect personality test.

And we're fast - super fast to respond. Our entire team races each other to be first - from our CEO to our developers.

Contact us through our support chat - or drop us a message (hello@riddle.com).

Thanks - we're excited to hear from you!