Generate high-quality leads

With Riddle’s interactive content, you can generate, organize, and convert more high-quality leads.

How Riddle generates better leads

People are more reluctant to share data these days. This makes getting leads trickier, with traditional methods (like pop-ups) becoming less effective.

But when users engage with Riddle’s interactive content, they’re more likely to share information. And by creating targeted, personalized content, you’ll attract high-quality leads.

How Riddle can help your business today

Engage high-quality leads

Create fun, interactive content that engages the right users and turns them into high-quality leads.

Get leads through strategic form placement

Add a lead form at any point in your quiz. In a recent experiment, we achieved a lead opt-in rate of 43% by placing the form just before quiz results.

Create content that converts leads

Leverage Riddle at each point of the sales funnel to generate high-quality leads and convert more new customers.

Send leads to any marketing tool

Riddle connects to any marketing tool, so you can send leads categorized by your own tags and segments.

What our clients say
Riddle is simple and simply great. Be creative, go wild – the tool goes out of the way for fun experiences on any device. And collect some leads on the way. Everybody’s happy. Last but not least, the Riddle folks always go the extra-mile supporting their clients because they love what they do, and who does not want a partner like that?
Mohammed Brückner
Mohammed Brückner Director E-Commerce International Stage Entertainment
We're big fans of Riddle's quiz maker. Easy to create and extensively customizable - our clients have seen a big lift in audience engagement and email collection.
Jonathan McConnell
Jonathan McConnell Head of Digital Operations Sotic (Digital sports agency)