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Blog marketing often feels as if you’re running like mad in the hamster wheel of life. There are times when you feel as if you’re running very fast just to stay still. A new year often represents a cut off point – a chance to re-invent yourself. Millions of people make New Year’s Resolutions showing great determination to make a change that will improve their lives.

Top of the list are:

  1. Losing weight
  2. Working less but achieving more
  3. Having more fun

The same issues can apply to blog marketing. You spend lots of time feeding your blog with new content but do you spend enough time promoting it? Some experts say you should spend only 20% of the time writing your blog and 80% marketing it. You need people to know about your wonderful content.

A first step is acknowledging that there are a few posts you wrote just because you needed to post new content – and not because they were the dazzling treasures of blogdom they deserve to be.

Lose some weight from your blog and gain some pounds, dollars or euros

So if you concentrated on writing fewer posts of consistently higher quality you start to trim your blog into a fitter, more engaging look. It’s an easy way to hit resolution number 1 and it makes a start on number 2. However, you’re not really achieving more until you do some more blog marketing.

But do you really need to spend lots of extra time on your blog marketing?

“Wouldn’t it be better if you spend less time writing content AND less time blog marketing AND got more visitors?”

Of course it would! And this is where our quiz maker tools for creating viral content comes in.

Viral content such as quizzes, polls and lists are interactive so they are fun to take – and most importantly to share.

Here are a few examples:


7 Reasons Lazy People Should Create Viral Lists

Why should creating interactive content be more complicated than it needs to be?

Lists are consistently read and shared more than articles

You can create a fabulous list in minutes on Riddle

(Using anything you like: desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones)

That is shareable across all social media

Job done. You can relax now

While people enjoy your message and then…

…share it with their friends (doing your work for you).

You can even pop our riddles into any blog, site, etc to bring in traffic

(Just don’t drop your phone in the bath!)
Create your first riddle in minutes today at riddle.com Tweet us at @riddleApp if you’re riddling from somewhere unusual!

You can write a blog post in a list format more quickly than an ‘article’ post and it’s quicker for people to read. They are also easier for people to share. You can also put a new twist on an existing post that has been very successful in the past by adding a list with our quiz maker tools.

You can write a standard list where you decide the order of the items or you can create a ranked list where your readers decide the order of the items.

You can even also write a short list and pop it into a blog post to create some and make it much more appealing.


A poll is even quicker to add. It encourages your readers to get involved and adds extra value and information to the blog post. Even better the results can often be used for a new (easy and targeted) follow up blog post.

Quizzes and personality tests

These take a bit longer to create but people love to share them. Especially if they can show off how clever they are or tell other people something interesting about themselves.

So people end up promoting your blog for you – saving you time and helping you reach a new audience for free.

How to get return visits without blog marketing 

Interacting with online content like quizzes, personality tests and lists is obviously more personal than reading about someone else’s experiences and opinions. Once people are in the mindset of answering questions about themselves they are much more likely to sign up to your newsletter subscription or special offer. give you their email address or relevant details. This gives you repeat traffic on a regular basis without spending ANY more time.

Pic for doing less blog marketing articleAll this leaves you more time to hit the third item on the list – have more fun!

Having fun is good for everyone but it is especially good for people who create online content or who use social media for blog marketing. Why? Because it gives you loads of entertaining things to write about! Of course we just have to point out that writing quizzes and lists is pretty good fun anyway!

Make a resolution to create viral content with our easy to use Riddle tools today.  You can start by putting your New Year’s resolution into a list so you can tell everyone about them. This makes it MUCH more likely that you’ll stick to it and reap the benefits!

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