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See just why quizzes are so effective for lead generation
See why quizzes & email collection is such a powerful combo

Lead generation with quizzes is a powerful, effective marketing combo. You catch your audience’s interest with your quiz – then show a lead generation form before their results.

After having engaged each visitor for three to five minutes, they’re emotionally involved – and are psychologically ‘answer-prone’ after completing your questions.

Show them a form with a compelling ‘call to action’ – and you’ll see opt-in rates that can range from 35-40%. That’s pretty awesome, frankly – consider that this is over 20X what other lead generation tools achieve

Quiz lead generation with Riddle

We designed Riddle’s quiz maker so you can easily collect users’ emails in all of our quiz types.

The way it works:

  1. You add a lead gen form in the ‘collect leads’ step of the creation process.
  2. It can be mandatory or optional.
  3. Each user sees the form after their last question and before the results – the best location for engagement, as they are emotionally committed to seeing ‘what happens next’.
  4. All leads (and their quiz/poll responses) can be automatically sent to any marketing software you use – so you can automatically follow up with email messages around their quiz results.
  5. You can also send them to Google Sheets – or download as a XLS/CSV file.

Here’s a quick blog post we whipped up showing this in action: https://www.riddle.com/blog/quiz-lead-generation-riddle/

Quizzes as lead magnets

Turning your visitors from passive browsers to active participants starts with a click. And this is where quizzes come in. 

hubspot quiz lead generation

Interactive content like a quiz gets folks thinking and clicking – and that’s a big step towards turning them into leads.

  • Place a webform – that asks for each quiz taker’s name, email, and other information.
  • Give a strong ‘call to action’ – provide a strong motivation about why they should give their information.
  • Be more creative – go byeond the standard (and boring) ‘sign up for our newsletter’ we’ve all seen far too often.
  • Sample ideas – try quiz contests, giving free e-books or white papers, or even a free 15 minute Skype consultation. 
  • Email more detailed reports – you can also tease your quiz takers. Give them a short snapshot of their results at the end of the quiz – but promise to send a more comprehensive breakdown via email.

Quiz lead generation: automation = effectiveness

Now that you’ve got all this useful data about each quiz taker, you can start to qualify and segment them. 

Forget the one-size fits all message. 

Nope, quiz lead generation works best when you personalize it to each user – with messaging, product recommendations, and even discounts all based on their quiz results.

Send all this information to your favorite marketing software – and power your marketing funnel and drip campaigns. You can use our native integrations such as ActiveCampaign and MailChimp or our Zapier app

Connect to 1,400 software tools overall – and no coding required!

Any questions about quiz lead generation?

Please don’t be shy – use our support chat on this blog or on Riddle. Ask away, and we’ll be super-fast to respond.

Our entire team has a customer-first culture – you’ll see everyone, including our CEO Boris, racing to be the first to respond.

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