Distribute your online quizzes in ad units

Did you know that you can use Riddle’s quiz maker to publish quizzes in ad units? Yes – and it’s dead easy. We’ll show you how to display your quizzes, personality tests, polls, and other types of interactive content in banner ads. That way you can easily distribute them across the internet.

Why publish quizzes in ad units?

Having a clickable quiz, list or poll is a great way to distribute your content to the world. It drives more audience members back to your site.

Plus, online quizzes are inherently viral – so you get a natural multiplier effect with just a bit of paid advertising. You can target your preferred demography with remarkable precision. They’ll start playing your quizzes in ad units – and then share their results on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

Savvy marketers know that word-of-mouth marketing is powerful – we trust our friends and their recommendations. Best of all – it’s free!
Plus, Riddle has 3 types of viral question blocks and other content to choose from – so you can pick the ideal tool for your creative needs.

Big brands like Walt Disney know this well – they’ve used Riddle to promote Maleficent and other DVD releases to Disney-hungry fans across the world.

Want to learn more? We’ve included a few examples below of quizzes in ad units – they show how well a Riddle works inside some standard IAB or Google ad units.

Of course, Riddle quizzes are not going to look great in a horizontal 728×90, but if you have access to some vertically-oriented banner ad units, Riddles will work great.

Advanced tips

Want to get more advanced about scaling up your marketing efforts using quizzes in ad units?

Do you want to get serious about lead gen, conversions, and marketing optimization? Use our webhook feature to pass data to your own advertising statistics database or a flat text file. The webhook will give you the page on which the Riddle banner ad was shown. From there, you can also grab the lead data.

Armed with this info, you can do media buys based on CPL (cost per lead) and pay your publishers or affiliates only if a valid lead was submitted.

This de-risks your ad buying process. You’re only paying for leads so you won’t have to worry about paying for people who click on your quiz but don’t fill out the form.

Paying for leads is a powerful way to reliably ramp up your distribution. Using quizzes in ad units, tied to a cost per lead metric, means more potential customers will see, take, and share your quiz. The only thing you need to do is come up with some great ad copy for the quiz or quizzes.

Any question about placing your quizzes in ad units?

Just drop us an email at hello@riddle.com – from our CEO Boris on down, we’re big customer service geeks and are always happy to help out!

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