Meet the 'Upvote' - where list meets poll

Say hello to our 'Upvote' format. Combining the best features of a list and an opinion poll, each upvote is a crowd-sourced listicle.

A small selection of sports teams using

Designed to get your audience involved, you select the items and your community upvotes their favorites.

Each upvote takes just minutes to create - generate social buzz and engagement with upvotes like "Choose your top 3 Star Wars movies" or "What's your favourite goals of the season?".

Why use an upvote list?

Today's audience want to be active, not passive, participants. Instead of merely reading and moving on, clever content teams know how important it is to get them thinking (and clicking).

The upvote is unique in how it involves your users - it turns a flat listicle like "Top 10 reasons..." into an interactive "We want to know what you think about..." format.

Easy to create - easy to embed, you can have your upvote list live on your site in under five minutes.

Upvote list - voting options

The New York Jets got their fans involved

The pro football powerhouse New York Jets turned to a series of upvote lists in their recent 'All Time Team' voting.

Fans got to upvote their favorite players at each position. In this example, they each had three votes among the top six wide receivers:

The benefits of an upvote quiz?

90% of website visitors want content that's more interactive and engaging.

Upvote lists make this possible - and painless - for busy content or marketing teams:

One upvote = multiple experiences

Upvotes are brilliant - because you can use them in so many ways.

For example, one clever approach that works well - hide the vote totals from each user, then share the overall results later.

You can do that as either:

  • as another article
  • include a lead form to collect email addresses, then send out the results (and grow your marketing list)

The BBC loves a good upvote

BBC Three is brilliant at creating clever interactive content for their audience of 18-34 year olds.

Upvotes play a big part - just take a look at this new take on a classic movie.

Users got to pick their X favorite storylines from the rom-com "Love, Actually":

Integrated quiz lead generation

  • Each upvote (or all of Riddle's 15 types of interactive content) include the option to add a lead generation form.
  • Quizzes are outstanding lead magnets - up to 35-40% of all users choose to give their email, name, and other details.
  • Run contests ("Vote for your favorites, enter to win!"), show special discounts, and grow your marketing list.

Create your own quiz-powered marketing funnel

Riddle's quiz maker makes it simple to create your own quiz/upvote-powered marketing funnel:

Seamlessly sync each lead and their responses to Google Sheets, MailChimp, SalesForce, or any other software.

Lead generation quiz form

Can we help with any questions?

We're bonafide quiz geeks at Riddle - everything from personality tests to the upvote list, polls to quizzes.

Plus, our two founders Mike and Boris authored "Quizmaster" - the only book centered around using quizzes in your marketing.

So ask away - our whole team is fired up about helping customers. Ask via our support chat - or send us an email ( - then watch how fast we respond.

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