Tap and find: where the images are the answers

Remember playing "Where's (that famous glasses-wearing guy in a red/white striped top)?" back when you were a kid?

Super fun, and super addicting.

This inspired us to create the 'tap and find' - a quiz format unique to Riddle's quiz maker.

Tap and Find quiz using Riddle.com

Forget the standard 'select a button with the correct answer' routine of standard quizzes.

Nope, in a tap and find quiz, the answer are hot spots in the images.

Fun, addicting, and more engaging for your audience.

The San Francisco 49ers love a good tap and find quiz

The 49ers turned to our tap and find format to engage their fans during the recent lockdown.

(We're big, big fans of their team's creativity - they created an entire Riddle-powered trivia HQ.)

Check out their great 'spot the difference' - based on two versions of an iconic team image:

Two formats in one quiz

Each tap and find is highly flexible - you can choose between two different formats:

  • Image search: one image with hotspots for correct answers
  • Spot the difference: two version of the same image, users find the differences

Quirky, unique, and addictive

Blue Canoe Learning are some of our most innovative quiz creators.

See how they use the image search in a tap and find quiz to liven up their language lessons in their app:

Flexible interactivity - no coding required

Each tap and find quiz is highly customizable for your needs - with zero coding skills.

Here's a sampling of the options available:

  • Unlimited questions - from 1 to 1,000+
  • Optional clues - quickly flash clues to guide users
  • # of lives - set how many chances to guess the correct answers
  • Optional reveal answers - decide if you want to show the right choices

BBC Sport scores with their audience

The sports editors over at the BBC are always looking for clever and engaging ways to entertain their audience.

They outdid themselves with their "Can you speak rugby?" tap and find developed for the Six Nations tournament:

Want to learn more about our tap and find quiz?

Check out our "Learn how to create a 'Tap and Find' quiz" blog post.

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