Why create an online opinion poll?

Why create an online opinion poll?

We all love to give our opinion - that's why asking your audience a question is so powerful. Add your own poll to any page or post and get your audience thinking (and clicking).

Creating an opinion poll with Riddle's quiz maker is easy - you can make and embed your poll in under 60 seconds.

Why build a Riddle opinion poll on my site?

  • Get your audience involved! Interactive content is king - when you make an online quiz or poll, you turn passive readers into active participants.
  • Increase time on site - get your users emotionally invested. Users who vote in an opinion poll stay 31% longer.
  • Collect leads online - add a Riddle lead generation form to your polls for a powerful marketing combination.
  • Qualify leads - gather quiz responses from each lead and segment leads based their responses.

Pro soccer powerhouse Manchester City are big fans - they constantly use polls to get their supporters feedback.

How do I build an online opinion poll?

It's simplicity itself. Seriously. Riddle's intuitive quiz maker lets anyone create a stunning poll - with no coding skills required.

Just ask a question, add images, and your poll will be ready to embed on your site in under 60 seconds.

Do you use Wordpress? You can pop in your Riddle poll directly in any page or post of your Wordpress site using our our quiz creator's nifty plug-in.

The BBC is a big fan of polls

The British Broadcasting Corporation use our online quiz creator to quickly make polls around a variety of topics.

You can see one in action below - asking the intriguing question "Should non-smokers get extra vacation for not taking cigarrette breaks?":

Easily add images, videos and GIFs

Want to catch your audience's attention? With Riddle, we make it easy to find the perfect image, video, or animated GIF:

  • Giphy (for animated GIFs)
  • Google image search
  • YouTube videos
  • Pexels images
  • Twitter (any tweet)
  • Facebook
  • Audio - MP3 or WAV
  • Upload your own photos or GIFs

Gather leads online with your opinion poll

We designed Riddle's quiz maker as a powerful lead generation tool.

  • You can show a lead generation form after each user votes - and before they see the overall results.(Learn more)
  • They're emotionally invested - and the most likely to complete your form.
  • Use our drag/drop form builder - or use a form from your own CRM tool such as MailChimp or AWeber.
  • Collect their name, email and other interesting data - as well as their poll votes.
  • Place your own ads, videos, or your own forms with our In-Quiz iFrame.

Pro teams love giving fans a vote

Sports teams like Scottish powerhouse Celtic FC regularly use our test maker's polls for easy, quick engagement after games and in the off-season. Check out their "Vote for your player of the year" poll:

Customize your opinion poll

You'll have near-total creative control when you make a quiz or poll with Riddle. We've made it easy to customize almost every aspect of your poll, from colors to fonts and more.

Pick the perfect color scheme and select from a wide range of fonts to make sure your poll fits your site's style.

Riddle also speaks your language - we're a global team and support over 67 languages from Dutch to Danish, Chinese to German.

You can also create a quiz or poll to:

  • Control poll status: Choose between keeping voting open or closed. Open polls are good for constant user engagement - while closing a poll lets you capture opinions for a limited time.
  • Show or hide the poll results: Hiding the poll results builds suspense and serve as a great lead generation opportunity. You can run the poll - then offer to share the results once the poll closes.
  • Hide vote total: Our polls normally show both the percentage and number of votes for each choice. But with a new poll, hiding the votes makes sense - so your users won't know that it has only a few votes. When you have enough votes, you flick a switch to reveal the totals - and your embedded poll will automatically update.

Our Pro and Team test maker plans take customization to the next level:

  • Add your logo: Hide the Riddle branding or add your own for a fully white labelled experience.
  • Custom footer: Add a text footer below each poll - useful for links to your privacy policy, contest rules, or call to actions.
  • Complete CSS control: Change any visual element of your poll, from button styling to text alignment and border. Easily match your embedded poll to your site's look and feel.
  • Advanced font support: Match your site's font in your poll. Upload your own font with our quiz maker - or use any font available on Google, Fonts.com, Fontdeck and Adobe TypeKit.

Qualify each lead who votes

RadioTimes add polls to make articles interactive

Part of the Immediate publishg empire, the team at the UK's #1 TV/radio site turn online polls like this "Who is your favourite MCU superhero?" to get their audience engaged.

They cleverly draw out the poll over several rounds over a month, driving return visits by committed fans.

And once they click, they are proven to stay longer on site - boosting page views, SEO, and ad revenue.

Why do opinion polls work?

Whatever the topic, opinion polls have always been popular. From politics to pop culture, it's human nature - people love to give their feedback.

So what?

You can use our test maker to quickly create polls that increase engagement and retention on your website. Just asking your audience to weigh in with their opinions pays big dividends. It could be "Choose our new logo" or "Which article did you like best?" - answering makes each user feel engaged with your site. This has a huge positive impact on how much time they spend on your site.

Add in the ability to collect emails and leads online - and using polls is a no-brainer.

If you ask the right question, you can both engage your fans and also help qualify each respondent.

Let's go back to the productivity seminar example. Imagine that you publish a series of articles on your blog around how executives could make the most of their limited time.

Next, you start asking your community a poll question after each article.

It could be simple feedback ("How useful did you find this article?") or getting their thoughts about your next post ("Would you want to learn more about meeting management or personal goals?").

You'd gain a valuable insight about each person who votes and fills out the lead form. Are they a potential customer? How likely are they to purchase? What products are they most concerned about?

Imagine you added a poll in your "Ten Ways to Save Time" productivity post. You ask "What stresses you out at work?".

This is where Riddle's quiz maker and your poll-powered marketing funnel swing into action.

With our test maker, each user who answered "I don't have enough time" or "Too many meetings" could be tagged as a "good lead".

Your CRM takes over at this point - and you set up a series of messages centered around helping time-crunched managers. You include tips on avoiding unnecessary meetings, sticking to your daily to-do list, and best of all, a free personal 15 minute Skype consultation.

The bonus? All of this comes from simply asking your users what they think. You ask, they answer, and you're on your way to a natural conversation - with the best chance to convert them to a satisfied, paying customer.

Got a question about how to make a quiz or opinion poll?

Just drop us a line; we'd love to help out! You can contact us on support chat or email (hello@riddle.com).

Seriously, ask us anything - from our quiz creator to tips about polls. From our CEO Boris on down, we're all customer service geeks at Riddle - and love being the first to answer!

That’s easy - there are no limits with our opinion poll. Each poll can support anywhere from 1 vote to millions - Riddle polls are used by global brands and publishers like CNN and the BBC. We’re experienced with high levels of traffic from popular polls.

Yes, there is a limit of vote per person per browser. This is a good balance between security and privacy - because Riddle is a GDPR-compliant quiz maker. It does not add cookies or store IP addresses, which is what would be required by more in-depth voting limitations.

This seems to be sufficient for big publishers and brands like the BBC and the NBA's Chicago Bulls - who regularly use polls to engage their audiences.

However, we have robust security measures to prevent bots and hacking - including limiting how often votes come from a single IP address.

Absolutely - you can add nine different media types to your opinion poll with Riddle. Search and find images, GIFs, or video using Giphy, Vimeo, YouTube, Google Images, and Pexels. Or, upload your own images, MP3 audio, or MP4 video files.