Make your own Instagram quiz - no coding required

Quizzes are a tried-and-true technique to engage your audience and generate leads for your company's growth.

We make it simple to make your own Instagram quiz, so that your quiz takers can share it with Instagram's 1 billion users worldwide.

Make your own Instagram quiz with Riddle's quiz maker

Just a short note before we get started... Keep in mind that the term "quiz" can refer to a wide variety of interactive content types.

We, like other quiz marketers, use the term "quiz" to refer to any type of interactive content that involves asking your audience questions.

Riddle's online quiz creator supports 15 types of quizzes and polls including:

  1. We have four types of quizzes - including our classic quiz, the hotspot finder'tap and find', our drag/drop 'order it', and our automatic 'quiz generator'.
  2. There are six different types of polls and surveys available, including our newest 'multi-poll' and our super-quick to build 'reaction poll.'
  3. Our best-in-class personality test - our personality quiz is our most popular quiz format, with the highest lead generation conversion rate.
  4. Use the conditional logic 'journey' to ask each quiz taker different questions - based on their previous answers.
15 types of Whatsapp quizzes with Riddle's quiz maker

How to make your own Instagram quiz?

What is the best way to create your own Instagram quiz?

In just a few minutes, you can create and share a Instagram quiz. Our quiz maker is simple to use - no tech or coding skills needed.

(Here's our fast 'getting started with Riddle' guide, along with our best practises and ideas for creating a fantastic WhatsApp quiz.)

  1. Create a Riddle account - we provide a 14-day trial of our online quiz creator with no credit card necessary. And all of our plans have no monthly limits on quiz takers, quiz creation, or leads.
  2. Choose your quiz, poll, or other format - answer just a few questions in our branching logic quiz "Which type of quiz should I create?" and see what quiz type matches your unique use case.
  3. Make your own WhatsApp quiz - with, you can construct your own Instagram quiz — all of our online quiz types are simple to create.
  4. Add images, videos, GIFs, or audio - make your WhatsApp quiz stand out on the screen and get the attention of your audience.
  5. Match your site's branding - Change the colours, fonts, and design of your quiz to match your brand or website using our 60+ customization features.
  6. 100% white labelled - use our custom fonts and CSS editor to completely match your brand.
  7. Create your share message - craft the WhatsApp message each quiz taker shares. Use our tried-and-true "I got a score/result on 'quiz title' take the quiz!" message, or create your own with clickthrough URLs and other features.
  8. Add your own lead form (optional) - want to gather leads as well? Add a lead generating form to your quiz, then send leads and quiz replies to 3,000+ services like HubSpot, Salesforce, or MailChimp.
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Sharing your Instagram quiz

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't let any quiz creator (yet) to directly integrate their questions on their social network. We continually keep asking them to add this feature - fingers/toes crossed!

However, you can make your own Instagram quiz on Riddle - then share it with your audience:

  1. Share the quiz URL (it will look something like this: - your quiz numbers will be different) with your audience.
  2. Embed your Instagram quiz on your website, then share or advertise the URL.
Create Instagram quizzes with Riddle's quiz maker

We're big fans about using #2 - it keeps all of the viral social traffic coming back to your site as your quiz is discovered and shared.

For example:

  • Imagine User A takes your personality test, then shares it.
  • User B then takes it and shares their results as well.
  • All this social traffic will come back to your site.

If you only provide the URL for your quiz - everyone will come back to take your quiz on Riddle, and not engage further with your site.

Want to learn more? We put together a handy blog post about the best ways to share your quiz.

The user experience for a Instagram quiz

Here's an useful flow chart that illustrates the customer experience for your Instagram quiz, from starting the quiz through the optional lead generation form and seeing their results.

Instagram quiz lead funnel with Riddle quiz maker

Create a unique message to share the results of your Instagram quiz

We include standard social sharing messages into every quiz you create ("I received a score/result on 'quiz title' - take the quiz!" - but, you can easily make your own:

  1. Go to the Customize tab.
  2. Select 'Customize social sharing text' from the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose your social network.
  4. Fill in the blanks with your text and use variables to personalise the outcome.
    • $result - used to store the user's score (for example, 6/10 for a score of 6 points).
    • $title - display the title of the user's results ('You're a San Francisco local!').
    • $link - set the destination URL when people click on the WhatsApp quiz share message.
Riddle quiz maker Youtube option

Create your own personal quiz share messages

You can use these variables to make your own results message personalized for each quiz taker's results.

In our San Francisco quiz, for example, you would get something like "Sweet, I got "You're hella a local" on this "San Francisco: The Locals' Challenge" quiz."

Create your own share messages for your Instagram quiz

Want more shares for your Instagram quiz?

At Riddle, we're big quiz fans - so much so that our cofounders authored a book called "QuizMaster: Growth Hacking Your Marketing Through Quizzes and Personality Tests."

To save you a step, we've assembled a list of some of our best recommendations and best practises here:

Happy quiz taker on smartphone

We go over everything from the best number of questions (6-10) to the optimal range of result types (3-5), and loads more.

But for now, let's focus on how to increase the number of times your Instagram quiz is shared.

  • Your quiz results are super important: This cannot be emphasised enough. The results are your final opportunity to demonstrate to each user that you have a thorough understanding of their demands. Furthermore, the more insightful or amusing their quiz results are, the more likely they are to share your quiz with their peers via WhatsApp.
  • The 50/50 Rule: Simply put - spend equal time and effort on your results as your questions. Quiz creators frequently run out of steam, but this is a mistake. The outcomes are crucial. For example, learning that you're a "SF Local" isn't enough; you'll want to know WHY you received that result and what it implies.
  • The Three Minute Limit: Make sure your quiz is brief and to the point. Most quiz takers will begin your quiz during a small break - perhaps while waiting for a bus or wasting time before an appointment. Six to ten questions takes roughly three minutes; any longer, and you'll see a big drop in quiz completions (and quiz shares).

Live Instagram quiz examples

We are big fans of these quizzes, ranging from top sites like the BBC to super-smart start-ups like The Hair Fuel.

All of these quizzes excel at engaging their audience - these publishers will often share these quizzes on their Instagram pages.

Here are some real-life examples (plus 23 more of our favourite WhatsApp quizzes):

Shopify quiz example using Riddle's quiz maker

Any questions @ making your own Instagram quiz?

We can assist you with everything from developing quizzes to increasing your social media shares on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Our team has a combined 35+ years of quiz marketing experience - plus we all compete to be the first to respond to customer inquiries on our support chat.

So go ahead and ask by email ( or using our support chat - we'd love to hear from you!