Sync your leads from Riddle's quiz creator to AWeber

Quizzes have to be some of the most irresistible online content out there.

Easy to make - and impossible to resist, quizzes are natural gateway content for lead generation.

When you create a quiz - then add a lead generation form, you can see up to a 45% opt-in rate (compared to the 2% for average lead generation options like pop ups.)

Best of all?

We built our quiz maker to seamlessly connect with AWeber's email marketing tools - no coding needed.

AWeber and Riddle's quiz creator - video overview

See how easy it easy to connect Riddle's quiz builder with your AWeber account:

AWeber and Riddle = fully GDPR-compliant test maker

Riddle's quiz builder has been designed to comply with the EU's strict GDPR privacy rules:

  • We're a German AG company (registered and located in Germany).
  • Our servers and all of our quiz data stays inside Europe.
  • Much stronger protection than the Privacy Shield alternative in the U.S.
  • Adding opt-ins are easy - you can create checkboxes for privacy policy or your terms/conditions.
  • Double opt-in email confirmation support with AWeber.

Why do AWeber and Riddle work so well for lead generation?

The marketing wizards at AdWeek nailed it - writing that online quizzes are among the most viral and shared stories.


  • Every time you make a quiz, each visitor will take from 3-5 minutes answering your quiz questions.
  • They're interacting with your quiz, so they're psychologically in a 'responsive' mode.
  • Each user is subsconciously more inclined to answer the next question.
  • (It's much harder to get visitors, passively reading a post, to actively respond to your form.)

Quiz lead generation - location, location, location

With Riddle's quiz maker, we display your lead generation form between the last question and the user's results.

That's when they're most engaged - eager to find out their quiz results.

Adding a lead form here gets outstanding results - we've consistently seen up to 40% completion rates.

Not to brag, but again, that's over 20X what 'typical' pop ups achieve.

Sample quiz - AWeber and Riddle's quiz builder

Check out this short sample quiz we created.

We included a lead generation form we built - that's linked to AWeber.

Automatically send quiz leads and responses to AWeber

Riddle's online quiz creator quickly connects to your AWeber account:

  • Tag each lead based on their quiz results
  • Power your marketing funnel for more conversions.
  • Send each lead a personalized follow up - around their quiz responses.

Let's imagine you're making a quiz for your fashion site - called "What's your summer style?":

  • Everyone who got 'You're effortlessly chic!' could receive an offer "Save 50% on our Parisian collection!".
  • More relaxed folks who scored 'You keep it real. Real-ly casual.' would get the offer "50% off our outdoors collection!"

Connecting AWeber to Riddle's test maker

We've built our own native integration with AWeber's powerful email marketing tools:

  1. Create a quiz
  2. Build your form with our drag/drop form builder (choose from 16 different field types).
  3. Make your form optional (or mandatory).
  4. Log-in to your AWeber account - and add the token
  5. Add a tag by each result ("Relaxed and casual" or "Effortlessly chic")
  6. In AWeber, set up a campaign - that sends "Casual" leads one offer, and "Chic" the other.

For more information - read our handy guide to connecting AWeber with Riddle's quiz maker.

Spreadsheet support - save to Google Docs or XLS/CSV

Sure, spreadsheets might not be the most glamorous thing.

But they sure are convenient - so you can see all your leads and quiz results in one easy place.

We support Google Docs - so each quiz lead is automatically added to your Google Sheet.

Want to go old school?

Save leads and their responses from our quiz creator to a CSV or XLS file.

AWeber and Riddle's Zapier app - unrivalled flexibility

Our native integration with AWeber does a great job.

But for more advanced use cases, Riddle's online quiz creator has a snazzy Zapier app.

Zapier lets you create a multi-step marketing funnel for your quiz lead generation - no coding required.

Connect to over 1,500 apps - from SalesForce to HubSpot and Gmail.

Sample Zapier use case:

  • Send all your quiz leads to AWeber - to start your marketing drip campaign.
  • Connect and send your quiz responses and leads to your HubSpot account
  • Notify your team @ each lead with a message from Gmail.
  • That's just barely scratching the surface - and all with no coding.

(Learn more how AWeber easily sync to Riddle's Zapier app.)

Can we help @ AWeber and Riddle's quiz creator?

Customer support is hard-wired into our company DNA.

We're ALL customer service geeks - so everyone, from Boris (our CEO) on down, helps out.

This means we'll respond to your question fast - seriously fast.

So ask away on support chat or

We'll field any questions from quiz lead generation with AWeber or just tips about making the perfect quiz.

We look forward to helping you out!

Easily gather each quiz taker's name, email, and quiz responses - then send your quiz leads to your AWeber account.

Just add a lead generation form to your quiz - using any of our 16 different types of data fields (email, name, dropdown, radio buttons, etc.).

Up to 55% of quiz takers will complete your lead form - and they’ll be saved to AWeber. You can then send customized email drip campaigns based on how their quiz answers - perfect for sending out special offers or follow-ups.

Absolutely - Riddle and AWeber are a powerful marketing combination. You can create a quiz as a lead magnet, collecting deep insights into each quiz taker from all of their question answers and quiz results.

All of this qualitative information can be sent to AWeber - which you can use to send each quiz taker their own personalized quiz report.

You can automatically send each quiz taker to different lists in AWeber, depending on their overall quiz results. For example, you could have user A could go to list #1, while user B go lists #2 and #3.

Yes, it’s easy to add tags to all of your quiz leads in AWeber. You can add a tag to all leads as well as different tags based around each quiz result.

Absolutely - we incorporated double opt-in confirmations to AWeber and all of our lead generation options.

Each quiz taker who completes your lead form will get an email confirmation link. Only leads who click the link will be confirmed and added as leads to your AWeber lists.

Using double opt-in is highly recommended for lead generation, especially with the EU’s GDPR and other global data privacy regulations such as California’s CCPA and Canada’s PIPEDA.