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Riddle and German Accelerator partnering for India Market Discovery

Market Discovery – India

Market Discovery: Exploring India with German Accelerator Helping local companies grow is one of the most profitable things a government can do to increase future tax revenue. From a macroeconomic point of view, it is even better if that growth is fuelled from abroad, bringing […]

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Election Year Buzz: A Proven 3-Stage Guide to Engaging Voters

How to engage, inform, and connect with voters during the election year with interactive content. Keeping your audience engaged is crucial in the fast-paced world of digital media, especially during significant events like the upcoming U.S. presidential elections. Publishers need innovative ways to capture and retain audience attention during a 24/7 news

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Riddle quizmaker release-log

Riddle Release Log

New Features & Improvements Our release log is diligently updated each time we introduce new features to our interactive content tool and lead generation platform. Sign up for our newsletters and never miss a new feature. Have an idea to make Riddle better? Let us

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Riddle quizmaker acquires competitor Qzzr.com

Riddle.com übernimmt Qzzr

Die beiden Quiz-Maker schließen sich zusammen Riddle.com übernimmt Qzzr – “Wir werden interaktiven Content noch besser zu machen”. Beide zusammen 3,2 Milliarden Views in 2021. [Saarbrücken, 17.10.2022] (Go to english version) Die Quiz-Plattform Qzzr.com wird zukünftig ein Teil der Riddle Technologies AG. Der Eigentümer des

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