What kind of dog are you? – The quiz that started Riddle

Riddle’s roots go back to the early 2000s when founders Mike and Boris were working for Tickle.com.

Tickle was all about quizzes. The company was started by Harvard graduates James Currier and Rick Marini to bring scientific testing to the masses online. But it was only when they introduced the “What kind of dog are you?” test that the company really started to take off and became the 28th biggest website in the world.

You can take the original Tickle test below and find out what type of dog you are. The Riddle founders are both Golden Retrievers, by the way, which is probably what’s made them such a good team all this time.

The dog test ended up going so incredibly viral that random people you came across would have taken it and would know their dog type. After Tickle was sold to Monster.com and eventually shut down by its new owner, the time for a new kind of quiz company came in 2014 when Playbuzz and Buzzfeed started to become huge media empires on the back of quizzes, not unlike Tickle a decade earlier.

Having spent many years in the gaming company, Mike and Boris took their quiz-making skills, combined with the knowledge of creating fun, game-like user experiences, to start Riddle. Ever since our launch, our primary mission has been to empower anyone to introduce fun, interactive content on their platforms, harnessing the immense potential of quiz-based marketing.

Hidden beneath the fun surface of creating and taking a quiz is a powerful marketing machine that allows its creators to generate leads, serve ads, collect deep consumer insights, and increase engagement and time on-site.

Take a look at our quiz marketing report, where we analyzed over 5 billion data points, showing the power of quizzes in marketing and engagement.

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