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What is Riddle?

Riddle launched in 2014 with this vision: Riddle helps publishers, sports teams and the world’s biggest brand to unlock the power of quizzes to:

  • Engage and expand their audience
  • Collect leads and qualify potential customers
  • Grow their business

Our team has over 40 years of combined quiz marketing experience. We know that quizzes, polls, and other interactive formats are unrivaled at audience engagement. It’s human nature – people love to discover insights about themselves, then share them online.

But before Riddle, it was hard (and expensive) to quickly create your own branded content. You would often need to turn to design agencies – who would take too long and charge too much for each custom quiz.

We reached another milestone with the acquisition of Qzzr.com – their team and customers joined Riddle in October, 2022.

Our mission?

To create the world’s most flexible, intuitive, and 100% white-labelled quiz marketing platform – to empower everyone from editors to marketers to quickly create and embed fully-branded quizzes for their sites.

Check out more about Riddle’s media coverage since we started or what exciting features we are launching regularly.

Key facts

  • Company name: Riddle Technologies AG
  • Locations: Saarbrücken & Bremerhaven (Germany) + Oxford (UK)
  • Data hosting: Riddle is a fully GDPR-compliant quiz maker. All our servers and quiz data are held in the EU – simplifying data privacy concerns for our brand and publishing partners.

Riddle’s partners

We’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best brands and publishers on the planet. Our client list includes:

  • BBC
  • CNN
  • Shopify
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  • LinkedIn
  • Celtic FC
  • Oxfam
  • Deloitte

Example Riddle quizzes & interactive content

Riddle’s online quiz maker is a powerful, yet intuitive, interactive content creator.

It’s easy to create a quiz, personality test, survey, or poll then embed on a website – with no coding required.

Check out these live examples:

Quiz: “Los Angeles Rams trivia challenge” (with timer)

Personality test: “What’s your management style?”

About the Riddle team

Life moves pretty fast at Riddle. We’ve made a conscious choice to stay laser-focused – it helps us learn, experiment, and keep making the best quiz maker on the planet.

For example – we don’t have a sales team at Riddle. And no separate customer support team.

Instead, our founders and product managers answer every sales and support request – often in under a minute.

This has paid off for us in so many ways.

Our community of happy, passionate quiz creators is our marketing channel. They’ve been spreading the word about Riddle since we started.

The other benefit?

We can stay almost entirely engineering and customer support-focused. Our team can rapidly shift direction and priorities, without lengthy discussions and (shudder) lengthier meetings. .

Meet our founders

Boris Pfeiffer (CEO and co-founder)

Before launching Riddle in 2014, Boris was heavily involved in the online gaming industry – first managing the European operations of Kabam, then setting up his own game studio. Boris has deep roots in the global start-up space, having created tech businesses in Asia, the U.S., and throughout Europe.

He’s a published author of “Facebook Fan Pages” (2011) and “Quizmaster” (2017), married and a father of two, and in his rare leisure time, can often be found enthusiastically (if badly) swinging away at the local golf course.

Mike Hawkins (CMO and co-founder)

A former high school teacher, Mike joined one of the first online quiz sites, Tickle.com – later sold to Monster for $100M. Since then, he has helped a string of start-ups and European companies grow and scale (video game companies Kabam and Marvelous AQL, career portal Monster, and the restaurant finder app CityHawk).

Mike is the co-author of “Quizmaster” (2017), an avid photographer, and co-founder of the travel and adventure blog Endline.com. A confirmed travel addict, Mike loves Riddle’s virtual team set up – and can often be found working (and playing ultimate frisbee) in Asia, Europe, and all points in between.

Want to write about Riddle?

Our CEO Boris Pfeiffer is always happy to chat.

Please reach out to us through hello@riddle.com or via our site’s support chat.

We know you’re often under a tight deadline, so we’re lightning-fast at replying to media questions – you should have an answer in less than five minutes.

Riddle press-ready assets

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