Case study: Tr-ibu uses Riddle to prequalify potential customers

Why Francien van Eersels created a quiz marketing funnel

Francien van Eersel from is passionate about showing entrepreneurs that the best brands are true to their creators – reflecting their own dreams, ambitions, and personalities.
She’s designed an entire philosophy around 12 brand archetypes – then helping each entrepreneur align their entire marketing communication and branding strategy accordingly.
It’s not a simple process – she normally recommends 13 weeks to help fully distill and craft a brand’s message that resonate with their brand archetype.

The challenge for Francien? Distilling all this knowledge and passion into an insightful, yet low-touch format – to get entrepreneurs interested to follow up with a 1:1 coffee or Skype call.
That’s where Riddle’s personality quiz comes in. Using a points-based system, our personality quiz gives you the ability to assign results based on how the users answer.
Rather than a quiz with right/wrong answers – personality tests are a bit like Sigmund Freud via smartphone. Each user answer questions – then receive a matching result type, based on the weighting of points the creator assigns per choice.

Why Francien’s ‘Native Branding Test’ works

Online personality tests can range from the silly to the serious – and each audience has their own attention span.
For most ‘casual’ tests targeting a wide audience, we recommend: 6-8 questions each with 3-4 answer options.
This meets our ‘three minute rule’ (as covered in our free Quizmaster e-book) – perfect when people are looking for a quick escape during a commercial break or waiting for the bus.

Why Francien van Eersel could break the rules (and win)

Francien has a key advantage – she is not trying to engage a casual audience. Instead, she’s targeting passionate entrepreneurs – committed to exploring any tool that will allow them to develop their companies.
Using Facebook or LinkedIn ads, as well as word of mouth through her wide-ranging network, Francien is using her ‘Native Branding Test’ as a ‘top of funnel’ experience.

Online personality quizzes work well for this – people click and engage with your quiz in order to learn something valuable. A well-timed lead generation form before they receive their results will get up to 35-45% opt-ins, so Francien receives their name, email, and quiz responses.
This rich data provides the perfect material when she contacts them to arrange a follow up conversation. And all her leads are seamlessly sent to Francien’s email marketing software for automatic follow-up messaging.
This is the form she uses to collect the quiz takers’ personal data:

Riddle online form inside a personality test

Personality quiz structure

Francien’s Native Branding Test exudes professionalism. Embedded on an attractive landing page, Francien also chose to hide the ‘start page’ to display question 1 to all visitors. She knows entrepreneurs are busy, busy people. The goal? Get them clicking (and thinking).

Now – in terms of length, instead of a handful of questions, Francien is confident that her audience is willing to commit to a longer, more thoughtful experience.
The personality test features 18 questions – with up to 12 answer options each.
Complicated? Sure – but that also gives it extra credibility. The page visitor can be confident that if they invest the time taking the entire test, they will be rewarded with some valuable insights.
Francien’s core audience of business leaders is far more likely to complete this highly-targered quiz around their core interests than something crafted for a wider audience.

Strategic use of images

Francien van Eersel was also clever in her use of in-quiz images.
Riddle’s online quiz maker features nine ways to search and add images, GIFs, audio, and video clips – from Giphy to Pexels and YouTube. With so many options available, it can be tempting to add images whenever possible.

But Francien chose a different strategy – instead opting for a minimalist, text-focused approach over the 18 questions. She keeps the pace of the quiz moving – varying the number of options (from 2-12), then adds a burst of visual interest with images every 4-5 questions. Elegantly simple – and the overall quiz experience is fast-paced as a result.

Normally – 60% is an excellent quiz completion rate. Francien is doing much, much better, with her combination of a well-crafted professional personality test delivered to a hyper-focused target audience.

Summary: prequalifying leads with a personality quiz

Francien is passionate about showing entrepreneurs that the best brands are aligned with their founders – reflecting their own dreams, ambitions, and personalities.
She’s designed an entire philosophy around 12 brand archetypes – then helping each entrepreneur align their entire branding and marketing communication strategy accordingly. It’s a very insightful process – Francien normally recommends 13 weeks to fully distill and craft a brand’s message that resonates with their brand archetype.

Our takeaway from her Native Brand Test?
An explorer team (that’s what we scored in her test!) should stay on-brand, and make sure each new Riddle quiz type or feature offers its customers a true experience or a new perspective. Compare this with the hero archetype who’s concerned about gaining skills, a sage who wants to enhance knowledge, and so on.

Use Riddle to prequalify your potential customers

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