The Hair Fuel – E-commerce Case Study

In 2019 Laura Sagen launched The Hair Fuel, a company that promotes holistic hair health, and developed a unique formulation for an all-natural hair growth treatment. Her business has gone from strength to strength, supplying the world with their unique hair mask product, which is made in the UK and the Netherlands.

The Hair Fuel’s challenge

As a young, independent business, The Hair Fuel needed to grow by finding new customers, as well as gain a deep understanding of their community’s motivations. In the knowledge that traditional marketing just wouldn’t cut it, Laura’s plan for attracting customers was to engage them with interactive and useful content – content that both provided value and had the potential to make them come back again and again.

Turning to quizzes to promote (hair) growth

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She felt that quizzes and other viral engagement tools might have the potential to kick-start her start-up, but the end results have exceeded even her most optimistic predictions.

Quizzes first showed up on Laura’s radar when she took a personality test promising to tell you “What kind of entrepreneur are you?”. From the start, she was impressed with the upfront and clear promise of value that the quiz offered to both the audience and the business.

Laura wanted to replicate this experience with her own brand. By creating a quiz, she would be able to learn more about her customers, and provide each quiz taker with advice, personalized around their unique hair needs.

As well as rewarding both the customer and the company, this two-level approach exemplifies the sort of marketing strategy that aligns perfectly with The Hair Fuel’s company culture of transparency, and ethical standards.

“We turned to quizzes because they go beyond traditional marketing, where brands often seem to try and shout the loudest,” says Laura Sagen, Founder and CEO, “Quizzes, on the other hand, both engage our audience – while letting us start a deeper conversation with each customer.”

The Hair Fuel’s recipe for success

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Laura and The Hair Fuel team know that ‘less is more’ when it comes to creating a quiz.

After extensive experimentation and optimization, The Hair Fuel feature a six-question personality quiz on their home page. It asks key questions centered around the user’s hair type and issues they’re facing (e.g. increasing hair growth), as well as some key demographic information.

They then include a short lead generation form, increasing their opt-ins by promising to send detailed quiz results to users who fill it out.

The user benefits from personalized information about their hair needs, and The Hair Fuel now has a clear profile about this potential customer – who they are, what they’re looking for, and how to contact (and convert) them with special offers based on their needs.

89% quiz completion rate: The Hair Fuel’s results

The Hair Fuel team had their quiz on their landing page even before they opened their online store. Laura and her team were already starting to learn about their future customers before the product could be bought. It all started with simple things like “What’s your age bracket?” and “What’s your main hair challenge?”.

The first quiz featured on The Hair Fuel (which still lives on the website) was “Which hair oil are you?”. With a phenomenal quiz completion rate of 89%, this quiz keeps on delivering reliable leads and offers potential customers fun and interesting engagement.

In line with the quiz data, Laura’s team launched a blog and a newsletter with content that was specifically crafted based on how users answered, providing further in-depth content around their quiz results via email.

This enabled her to nudge potential customers to specific pieces of content that matched their unique hair challenges.

Since starting to deploy quiz content to their website, Laura estimates that 65 – 70% of their leads come from quizzes with the rest of the sales being organic.

Rinse, rather, repeat: The Hair Fuel success story

This quiz-powered marketing has paid off for The Hair Fuel. By offering clear value to potential customers, their compelling quiz has excellent completion and lead form opt-in rates, which translates into more cost-effective online advertising.

Riddle reduces acquisition cost by 60 percent - quote

“We’ve reduced our acquisition costs by 60% with Riddle,” says Laura. “It enables us to engage people better – which means they convert (buy!) far more often.

But more important than cost savings – we’ve found that the quiz serves as a powerful start to the conversation. Customers found via this channel have a longer CLTV (customer lifetime value) – because, by the point of conversion, they are familiar with our company’s framework.

This translates into more committed customers and, bottom line, a higher retention rate.”

The Hair Fuel’s innovative product recommendation quiz lets their team decide if each quiz taker is a potential customer or not – and focus only on the most promising customer segments.

According to Laura, quizzes are such a playful way to understand customers. Even if you are just asking six questions, you’re measuring your customer in six different ways.

A firm convert to the power of quiz-powered marketing, Laura is already planning on new ways in which The Hair Fuel can leverage’s quiz maker to engage and convert potential customers. If you want to create your own quiz with the Riddle quiz maker, check out our guide on how to make a quiz.

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