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The UK’s leading consumer champion Which? was launched in 1957 around a simple yet profound mission – be a voice for consumers around everything from impartial product reviews to fighting unfair business practices.

Which? funds its efforts through its commercial arm, which generates revenue through memberships and magazine subscriptions, among many other things. This mission requires creating excellent content that engages current members and inspires new ones to subscribe.

Breaking through: Which? in a crowded space

Real or Scam quiz on Which? website

The consumer engagement team at Which? faced an increasingly common marketing problem: How can you catch and hold potential members’ attention when there is a daily deluge of advertising messages vying for customer attention?

Which? did a deep analysis and found that their existing marketing efforts were bringing in declining returns. They needed a way to easily create white-labelled, interactive content, with the goals of boosting retention from existing users as well as finding new customers through online lead generation.

Which quiz maker was right for Which?

That’s where Riddle came in.

Which? conducted extensive market research for quiz makers and other interactive content platforms and selected Riddle.com to deliver the holy grail of content: engaging content that delivers high quality leads.

Adam Gillett, online engagement manager at Which?

With a strong focus on data privacy and GDPR-compliance, Which? was comfortable introducing Riddle.com’s suite of interactive content tools across their organization.

For Which?, lead generation with quizzes and polls helped transform typically dull topics into lead generating magnets. The added bonus was that quizzes’ proven virality helped Which? increase their social media presence through shares, likes, and other engagement.

“We wanted to engage and inform more consumers on often dry or impenetrable consumer topics in an interactive and fun way, and to gain supporters for our campaigning work in the process,” said Adam Gillett, Online Engagement Manager at Which?. “Riddle provided the opportunity to do this with multiple embed options to suit our various CMS capabilities, which allowed us to create rapidly and experiment across different sites.”

Craft, track, repeat: Which?’s interactive content cycle

Which? has a deep culture of experimentation and using data to inform and improve their efforts. Their use of Riddle.com was no different.

Can you spot the scam quiz on Which? website

They introduced Riddle.com across their content teams, including Supporter Engagement and Which?’s Consumer Rights campaigns. The teams created a wide range of content, from quizzes for education to polls for audience feedback, and personality quizzes for product recommendations.

Analyzing key metrics including start and completion rates, plus lead generation opt-in and social share rates, Which? found out what worked best for their consumer education audience. Which? was able to leverage quizzes, polls, and other formats to gain more leads. And since each quiz was much more likely to be shared, this started a virtuous cycle of see, take, and share, turning quizzes into a potentially endless source of lead information.

“We wanted to increase shares and lead generation for our campaigns and consumer rights content, as well as… increase on-page time and shareability of previously static content,” continued Adam. “With Riddle, we were able to accomplish this.”

Simple interactions, big results: Which? drives growth with Riddle.com

In the digital age, companies often find it difficult to jumpstart their marketing campaigns with the same tactics. Which? turned to Riddle.com to make change happen, and they saw significant increases in the number of leads gained. As a result, they’ve now adapted their entire marketing strategy.

Adam put it best when he said, “Working with Riddle has led to a fundamental reconsideration of how we structure our pages, how we provoke engagement and interaction with what we’re saying, and how we create longer journeys through our content.”

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best route to go. Quizzes are powered by their simplicity. People love to take and share them, increasing the scope of the content without additional work.

It’s crucial for Which? to reach new potential members, and continue on their mission to make consumers aware. They love that Riddle.com’s “interactive formats create a really nice middle ground between your own digital estate and social media.”

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