143 proven quiz titles your audience will love

Quiz titles are the key to a successful quiz marketing funnel. Think of your quiz title like the cover of a book. The right title can catch your audience’s attention and inspire (or challenge) them to learn more.

What quiz titles work best?

There are a few necessary ingredients that help you cook up the perfect quiz title!
We’ll share 143 of our favorite quiz titles, as well as the secrets behind the most successful quiz titles – from length, to style and tone.
(We add some information about quizzes in between, so if you are interested in the quiz titles only, go directly to the 143 quiz titles that work best for your audience

And we’ll also share our favorite our tips and best practices for your quiz – that will turn an average quiz into an unstoppable lead generation magnet.

What are the different types of quizzes?

We have written a short and sweet blogpost about best practices when creating a quiz! But let’s dive into the most popular types of interactive content on Riddle and their usecases!

Quizzes and their usecase

Quizzes ask questions with right or wrong answers – and give each user a score based on how well they did. Of course, there are lots of ways you can take this concept – let’s dive into some of the most popular variants and use cases.

  • Trivia or IQ quiz: The classic ‘how much do you know?’ quiz, these types of quizzes can be used for almost any subject, and feature multiple choice and free text entry questions (often with a quiz timer).
  • True/false quiz: This is a close cousin to the trivia contest, but with just two answer choices (you guess it – true/false). The simplicity of the concept is irresistible to users – plus lends itself to rapid-fire quizzes, with more (but shorter) questions.
  • Order it quiz: Sometimes, you want to challenge your audience with sequence-type questions. It could be something like ‘Arrange the Star Wars movies by release date’. An order it quiz is an interesting alternative to the classic multiple choice quiz format – we highly recommend adding it to your quiz tool kit.
  • Tap and find quiz: Sure, asking quiz questions with answer buttons are great – but there are times where the answers are IN the image. Try a tap and find quiz when you want to have your quiz takers tap and find the correct answers (hence the name) in each question image. Far more interactive than a classic quiz, you’ll get higher engagement rates – as users tend to love the unusual format
  • Type the answer quiz: Ask a question and let the user type the answer. Check the answer against a list of correct answers. For example, you can ask, what is the capital of India and then allow for “Delhi” or “New Delhi” as possible correct answers. This format is also often used for language quizzes and works great in combination with audio and video clips.
  • Timed quiz: Adding a quiz timer is perfect if you’re creating a quiz contest or promotion. Timers add a game show element of adrenaline – plus giving users 10 seconds or so per question limits the temptation to Google the answer. You’ll get a more accurate sense of what each quiz taker actually knows.

The Riddle quiz maker enables you to mix and match all these question types in a single quiz. Check out our help documentation to learn how to make a quiz with Riddle.

Personality quizzes and their usecase

You can use personality quizzes for a wide range of usecases and in many different ways!

Personality quizzes for marketers

You can use a personality quiz to give product recommendations:
We’ve seen many brands and businesses use personality tests for this – after they answer your questions, you can recommend the product(s) that best match their needs. This quiz type works especially well when you give each user a targeted discount (“Save 25% on product X”), using our call to action buttons.

Personality quizzes for therapists and coaches

You can also benefit from using a personality quiz:
More and more counsellors are moving their practices online, and using personality tests to find their potential clients. Quizzes like “Are you really suffering from anxiety?” or “Why is my partner driving me crazy?” are great at catching people’s attention.
Not every quiz taker will be a client. But smart therapists use personality tests to filter out people who don’t need their services, and only send follow up emails to the best matches.

Another popular option, personality tests are ideal for health-related questions:
They can work almost like a symptom checker (e.g. “Am I depressed?” or “How healthy am I… really?”.
Health quizzes are a good example where it’s okay to ignore our ‘6-10 question’ best practice. People who engage with your quiz will be keenly interested to discover their health result – so you can ask up to 25-35 questions with no drop-off in completion rates.

Personality quizzes for Publishers

Changing gear a bit, never underestimate the power of a personality test for light, fun entertainment. This is how Buzzfeed made their mark asking things like “What Friends character are you?”. While personality quizzes are not the easiest type of content to create, they are very powerful when it comes to engaging readers, getting social shares or asking a few market research questions mixed in with personality test questions.

Personality quizzes for schools and universities

And lastly, another interesting vertical, personality tests have helped schools guide and assess their students:
For example, Aston University used their ‘What master’s course is right for you?’ quiz to suggest the right program tailored for each quiz taker’s individual interests.

143 quiz titles (and examples) we love- by topic and industry

Okay let’s dive in – our team of quiz experts had a lot of fun putting our list of great quiz titles together – with links to live examples.
By the way, all these quizzes are powered by Riddle’s quiz maker – using our quiz, personality test, order it, or tap and find quiz formats.

General personality quiz titles

Career quiz titles

  • What’s your dream career
  • Which Marketing or Media Job Is Right for You?
  • Are you really in the right job?
  • Are you a good … really?
  • Do you have what it takes to be a leader?
  • We know what job you should have based on your TV and film opinions
  • What fictional entrepreneur are you most like?
  • What’s your management style?
  • Are you REALLY a good boss?
  • What job should I do?
  • Can you spot a fake resume?
  • Can you answer these 9 killer interview questions?

Product recommendation quiz titles

Coaching and mentoring quiz titles

  • What’s your true purpose?
  • What’s your WoW Archetype?
  • Are you a mover, creator, or connector?
  • What’s your emotional IQ?
  • What kind of healer are you?
  • Money, love, or fame – which actually makes YOU the happiest?
  • Is your current job your TRUE calling?

Marketing and business quiz titles

  • Are you an online marketing master?
  • Which start up marketing type are you?
  • What’s your marketing superpower?
  • Put your Facebook marketing skills to the test!
  • Which personalization tool is right for your store?
  • How much do you actually know about Google SEO?
  • What’s your ideal brand voice?
  • Does your brand match your personality?
  • Which font describes your personality?
  • Should you start your own business?
  • Is your business truly GDPR-compliant?
  • What kind of negotiator are you?

Travel quiz titles

  • Which U.S. city should you travel to next?
  • These five questions will reveal where your next holiday should be…
  • Can you avoid these travel scams?
  • Which Backstreet Boy is your perfect roommate?
  • How much do you know about Europe?
  • Can you order a beer (or find the loo) in these 9 languages?
  • What classic road trip should you take?
  • Which celeb is your best travel buddy?
  • How well do you know Manchester?
  • What’s your travel style?
  • Could you handle backpacking around the world?
  • Are you ready to travel (gulp) as a couple?

Education quiz titles

  • Should you even go to college?
  • Which master’s program is right for you?
  • What kind of learner are you?
  • What major is actually right for you?
  • Which university is your dream school?
  • Classical music term or Harry Potter spell?
  • What’s your English speaking level?
  • Which artist should design your bedroom?
  • What STEM career is best for you?
  • Are you actually a good teacher?
  • Can you spot the fake art?
  • The ultimate history quiz – how much do you know?

Entertainment quiz titles

  • Which Star Wars character would be your BFF?
  • What Hogwarts school is right for you?
  • Can you ace the easiest music quiz we’ve ever put together?
  • Can you name these unmasked musicians?
  • Bet we can tell if you’re British or American based on your fashion preferences?

Sport quiz titles

Finance quiz titles

  • Are you a ‘savvy saver’ or a ‘splash the cash’ showboat?
  • What kind of investor are you?
  • Can you pick the right mortgage?
  • Are you even ready to buy a house?
  • How ready are you for retirement?
  • What’s your family’s spending style?
  • Do you know these IRS tax secrets?
  • Can you discern insurance fact from fiction?
  • Do you save like a Boomer or spend like a Millennial?
  • Can you spot these online frauds?

Automotive quiz titles

  • What’s your dream car?
  • Can you match the footballer to the car?
  • Buy or lease – what’s right for you?
  • Are you actually a good car negotiator?
  • Should I buy an extended car warranty?
  • Can you fix these top 10 common car issues?
  • Can you beat the salesman?
  • Which cars are the most reliable – really?
  • Can you guess the car by the launch event?
  • Shotgun! Who gets the passenger seat in these situations?
  • Classic car quiz – how much do you know?
  • AUDIO quiz: What does this car noise mean?

Real estate quiz titles

  • Where’s your dream house?
  • Can you make it in a ‘Tiny House’?
  • Got what it takes to sell your own house?
  • Should you sell or renovate?
  • Where should you relocate?
  • Could you really handle ‘Van life’?
  • Are you a good negotiator?
  • Real estate role play – can you beat the agent?
  • Are you a city slicker or country living?
  • Test yourself on the top 9 myths about home ownership

Relationship quiz titles

  • Are you marriage material?
  • What’s your celeb relationship match?
  • Where should you begin your breakup recovery?
  • Are you seriously ready for a relationship?
  • Do you attract the right type of partner?
  • DTR? FWB? IRL? How much do you know about online dating?
  • Which online dating app matches your personality?
  • Are you an awesome boyfriend/girlfriend… really?

Health and fitness quiz titles

  • How healthy is your lifestyle
  • Which City Should You Live In Based On Your Healthy Lifestyle?
  • What’s your fitness style?
  • Are you actually depressed?
  • Is your workout actually helping you lose weight?
  • What kind of dad will you be?
  • Do you REALLY know how to sleep like a baby?
  • What stay at home workout is right for you?
  • Are you ready for yoga?
  • What’s your health IQ?
  • What’s your parenting style?
  • What’s your best ‘quit smoking’ secret?

Resources on how to find a good quiz title?

The good news is that are a number of really good (and free!) tools out there to help you automatically analyze your quiz titles. Here are some of our favorites:

Emotional Marketing Value analyzer: this free tool from the Advanced Marketing institute rocks. Just copy and paste your quiz title – and it gives you a score about how compelling it is.

801 power words that convert: Jon Morrow over at Smart Blogger compiled this awesome list of 800+ words the grab attention – and convert into action… in this case, starting your quiz.
With words like audacious, colossal, phenomenal – it’s a fantastic resource.

How to create a good quiz title?

Want to know how to create a good quiz? We wrote an article on best practices when creating a quiz.

And after reading this article, you will know how to write a quiz title, that actually converts!
And if you don’t have any questions (ask in support chat or on hello@riddle.com) start creating awesome interactive content with Riddle quizmaker

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