Best practices to create a good quiz

Our team of quiz geeks can go on and on about crafting a killer quiz – we’ve been doing this off and on since 2003!
(In fact, we did just that with our free ebook “Quizmaster: Growth hack your marketing through quizzes and personality tests”)

Short quizzes are (almost always) better

Keep it short!
we recommend quizzes follow the ‘Three minute rule’ for today’s short attention spans. That means 6-10 questions for most subjects – which people can finish in those short breaks during the day like waiting in line or catching a bus.

The only caveat? Health assessment or similar ‘serious’ personality tests can last longer. People are naturally more invested in finding out about their health – you’ll find people willing to answer 30+ questions around topics that matter to them like “Are you depressed?” or “Do you suffer from anxiety?”

The 50/50 rule – Spend equal time creating quiz questions and results

This is probably the other key issue new quiz makers fall victim to. You should invest equal effort and creativity on your quiz results as your questions and quiz titles!
It’s understandable – you spend your energy and creativity with quiz titles and great questions.
By the time you get to the quiz results section, it’s often tempting to just jot something quick and short (“Nice work – you’re !”) without any explanation.

That’s a big mistake – for a few key reasons:

First, the quiz results are your last chance to make an impression – demonstrating your expertise and insight into the quiz taker’s responses.
Check out the results in our classic “What kind of dog are you?” personality test just below – each is carefully crafted to balance positives like “you’re super loyal” with things to work on (“You can be too generous”)

The other mistake is a marketing issue – people only share quiz results that make them look good to their friends.
Your challenge? Try to write funny and wise quiz results that people will really want to share with their friends.
You’ll see how much time and effort we put in to make the quiz taker feel good about their result? The payoff? Word of mouth marketing and free viral traffic.

How to create a great quiz?

Ok – contrary to the title of this post, you obviously want to create a great quiz, right?
Have any questions about that? Just hit us up in support chat (bottom right corner) or shoot us a quick mail at
We respond lightning fast and are happy to answer any question you might have.

And to answer the question “How can I create a great quiz?” – You can do that with our Riddle quizmaker. Just give it a shot, we offer a 14-day full trial (no credit card needed, no strings attached)

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