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At Riddle, we’re so very lucky to have passionate users who love our quiz maker (and regularly make us blush with their nice feedback). Check out their quiz maker reviews – from our personality quizzes to online quiz lead generation tools, we’ve got some big fans!

Our happy customers talk about Riddle quizmaker

“Riddle helps our Children’s interactive team to quickly create engaging content that provide compelling data insights about our audience.”

– Derek Harvie, Executive Producer (BBC – CBeebies and CBBC)

“Our teams love Riddle’s flexibility. We can rapidly create and deploy unique branded quizzes and other content for our clients’ custom campaigns.”

– Lior Geller, Director of Product (Minute Media)

“Be creative, go wild – Riddle goes out of the way for fun experiences on any device. And collect some leads on the way. Everybody’s happy. Last but not least, the Riddle folks always go the extra-mile supporting their clients because they love what they do, and who does not want a partner like that?”

– Mohammed Brueckner, Director E-Commerce International (Stage Entertainment)

“Riddle is a brilliant tool, and plays an important role for us – making it easy for users of all levels of technical ability to create smart, on-brand interactive content and embed it anywhere. The functionality on offer goes well beyond simple quizzes, making it an invaluable tool for generating leads, increasing engagement and bringing stories to life.”

– Adam Gillett​, Supporter Data & Platforms Lead (Which?)

Riddle quizmaker helps you to generate leads

“The ability to incorporate lead generation functionality to our Riddle quizzes is quickly proving to be the best way to garner new signups. We are eager to implement this more regularly.”

– Jilayne Lovejoy, Director of Marketing (ClickOn Media)

“I don’t know what I would have done without Riddle. Building this sort of quiz from scratch or using a google form would have taken a huge amount of work to look half as good. I will happily recommend the product to my friends and colleagues.”

– Chelsea (Office of the Mayor of Los Angeles)

Riddle quizmaker helps you grow your audience

“At Simple Politics we’ve found Riddle to be an invaluable way to promote the site. We’re just starting out, but have found a real appetite for our quizzes. They’ve been useful for exposure and ‘brand awareness’ (although I hate that term), but far and away the most useful thing has been lead generation. I’d been really struggling to grow our mailing list. Most of our interactions come on social media and so pushing people that way was tricky. One successful quiz – “Which MP are you?” – took the list from a couple of hundred to over 3,000 in under two weeks. All organic traffic…”

– Tatton Spiller, Founder (

Riddle quizmaker helps you to boost engagement

“…rest assured that your personality sorting quiz knocks everyone else out of the water. It’s not just the UI itself (although that’s amazing too) but the sheer level of ability of what it does – being able to specify partial contribution levels for different answers toward an outcome.”

– Sarah (FlipFall)

“Riddle is as cool as the cat videos on YouTube. You make it super easy for me to reach out to my community and get validation of my ideas in a SUPER fun and easy way. Thanks Riddle!”

– Maz, CEO & Founder (

“Thanks a lot! Honestly, Riddle is the best of its kind. I Googled for hours and tried a lot of different poll software that were not very good… Riddle saves me a lot of time, and lets me get a lot of new subscribers for my newsletter!”

– Luis, Journalist (Estado de Alerta – Argentina)

“Riddle has been my favorite new discovery. Our audience loves the quizzes, and the data insights we get about them are invaluable.”

– Ryan Robinson (CreativeLive)

“Riddle quizzes are really popular with our audience. Easy to make, yet really engaging and fun for kids!”

– Kathryn Box, Kids Producer (Tate Museums)

Riddle quizmaker provides great customer service

“Having this much capability fully integrated into Drupal saves me hours of heavy lifting, but countless hours of teaching/explaining to others. No learning curve, and ZERO problems to solve… register at their site, copy/paste the token. DONE. I have 500+ domains, and in my 20+ years? I have only seen a few products that I could so immediately and completely endorse. I don’t ever recall any software developers being so quick and responsive as these guys, and that’s sayin’ a lot… they’re obsessed about serving their customers’ needs.”

– Daniel K., agency owner (via Capterra reviews)

“Loads of flexibility, great CSS overrides, great integration with Zapier (worked first time) and amazing customer service. Actually, one of the best customer service platforms I have ever had the pleasure to use. I could not recommend Riddle any higher.”

– Tim V., Digital Director (via Capterra reviews)

“The interface for editing and creating your quiz is fresh and modern. Quizzes are highly customizable and easy to create, you can even set how strong of an association a certain answer will give towards a certain result (or several!). You can also customize exactly how many results quiz takers see and how detailed they are. The customer service is incredible. Reply times are fast, and they definitely go above and beyond to make sure everything works out for you. Hands down best service experience I have ever had”

– Maria V., Communications Planner (via Capterra reviews)

“The ease of use, the flexibility and the speed at which you can set up content. It’s been a great asset and the quiz maker functionality has been especially well-used and appreciated. Integrations with YouTube, Instagram etc enable us to drop in content quickly and the flexibility in terms of laying out questions are awesome. More than enough options when it comes to supporting whatever type of engagement you’re looking to do”

– Graeme G., Product Manager (via Capterra reviews)

“The Riddle software is so easy to use and it has a great blog to explain the various features and options. The guys running riddle are so friendly, honest and helpful I feel like i know them even though we’ve never met. It’s like an online buddy providing a fun service.”

– Joseph K., Social Media Officer (via Capterra reviews)

Even more customer feedback

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