Riddle is the best alternative to Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace vs Riddle – which quiz maker is best?

Want to create a quiz and collect leads? There are loads of online quiz maker options out there – but in this post, let’s take a look at Survey Anyplace vs Riddle.
Savvy marketers know that quizzes are awesome at engaging an audience and collecting zero party data. Instead of bombarding your visitors with ads, quizzes turn them into voluntary, active participants.
Did you know? Quiz takers spend between 3-5 minutes per quiz, and are up to 20X more likely to opt-in to a quiz lead generation form than ‘traditional’ online methods.

We’re big quiz geeks – so we’ll cover 40+ key features for any quiz creator. You’ll see how each quiz maker stacks up – from white labelling to customization, quiz types and lead generation data collection.
Sure, we have a soft spot for our quiz maker – but we know your business in unique. Our goal is to de-mystify the selection process, so you can choose the right quiz creator for your particular needs.

Quizzes – great for engagement & lead generation

Are you new to using quizzes for marketing? Let’s give some crucial back story before diving into a more detailed comparison of Survey Anyplace vs Riddle.

Marketers often turn to quizzes for two goals – boosting engagement and/or collecting more qualified leads. And each quiz maker has its own philosophy about what to focus on. To tackle engagement, the developers for each quiz builder create their own mix of quizzes and interactive formats. Some stay laser-focused around a few types – while others cast a wider net, and develop a broad range of content types for their community.

Catching your audience’s attention is one thing – but quizzes also excel at generating viral traffic. Each quiz maker also makes different calculations about how many social networks to support – from Facebook to WhatsApp, Linkedin to Twitter, Messenger, and beyond.

On the lead generation side, quizzes are a seamless fit – catching users’ interest and getting them clicking and interacting. You’ll see up to 40% of all users opting to give their email address and other information.
Most quiz creators will let you add an optional lead generation form – the perfect opportunity to present targeted offers, contest entries, or ask them to receive a free consultation, e-book, or other marketing campaigns.

Okay – with that out of the way, let’s start with a high level overview of each quiz creator.

Survey Anyplace – overview

Founded in 2012, Survey Anyplace is a Dutch company that has focused their development resources into a range of mobile-friendly surveys and quizzes. Their tagline is “Interactive questionnaires without the hassle of a custom-built solution”.

One their key USPs? Unlike some others in the market, Survey Anyplace has added a module with their top plans – allowing personalized downloadable PDF reports.
However this focus on surveys and the reporting side of things comes at a cost – limiting Survey Anyplace to basic customization and data collection.

Survey Anyplace integrations

Survey Anyplace has decided against building their own native integrations to popular marketing software – such as MailChimp, AWeber, or Google Sheets. Instead, they rely entirely on Zapier – which, while flexible, often requires an additional paid subscription from their customers.
This approach also means Survey Anyplace doesn’t offer the breadth in interactive formats as many other quiz makers. For example, comparing Survey Anyplace vs. Riddle, they offer only surveys, plus a basic quiz and personality test – Riddle offers 15.

Survey Anyplace pricing and limitations

Survey Anyplace has four plans, starting at $29 a month. The plus side is that their initial pricing seems competitive; however Survey Anyplace put caps on how many responses you can get – which means you might get charged more if your quiz goes viral.
They are also unclear about their top-tier pricing – generally, we’ve found ‘ask us’ pricing for subscription SaaS services = $500 a month and up.

By comparison – all of Riddle’s pricing plans are completely unlimited. You just pick the features you want – we don’t put limits on how many quizzes you create, quiz takers, or leads you collect. One simple price per plan – simple.

Survey Anyplace: NOT GDPR-compliant

Be very wary of using Survey Anyplace – sure, they say the right things about GDPR-compliance.
But take a look their cookie list, for example – it’s insane. All this data collection by Survey Anyplace does not provide a great deal of confidence that they’re a truly compliant quiz maker.

Riddle quizmaker – overview

At Riddle, we understand that lead generation and engagement are both critical for successful quiz marketing. Coming from a marketing and content background, our team knows that publishers and marketers want a comprehensive toolkit for their engagement and quiz lead generation needs.

Riddle quiztypes

Search & add 12 types of images, video, GIFs. And as you know: Variety keeps things fresh and interesting – with the ability to search and add video, GIFs, audio, and other media to your content for a wide range of campaigns.

We offer 15 online quiz and interactive formats – many that completely unique to Riddle. For example, you can create quizzes, polls, personality tests and other classic types. But we also have designed custom branching logic, our endlessly reshuffling Quiz Generator / Auto-Quiz (upload up to 10,000 questions by spreadsheet), plus our drag/drop Order It, image-search Tap and Find, and loads besides.
With so many choices, both your content teams and audience will never get burned out taking the same quiz type over and over again.

Riddle customization features

We give you virtually complete freedom to match your quiz to your site’s look and feel – including adding your logos for a 100% white labelled experience.
You can: Upload your own fonts, have full CSS control, and over 50 other options

Check out this example from Choice Hotels – they customized everything from borders to hover states. Simply gorgeous.
You can also view 23 of our favorite live online quiz examples – including Riddle content created by Red Bull, CNN, and the BBC.

Riddle lead generation features

On the lead generation side, Riddle has been built from the ground up to connect to any marketing software. Our drag and drop form builder includes 16 field types – so you can craft a compelling form with that converts. We see 35-45% lead generation conversion rates with our online quiz creator.
You can use our native integrations for AWeber, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Google Sheets, and more.
Alternatively you can easily connect to 3,000+ tools like Klaviyo, Hubspot, and SalesForce using our Zapier App.
And for the more geekily-inclined, we have both an API and webhook – if you’d prefer to connect to your software directly with a bit of coding.

The benefits for you? You have near-total flexibility to send all your quiz responses and leads to any software. And unlike Survey Anyplace, tracking who took the survey is a snap.

Riddle: cookies and data privacy

Riddle is based in Germany – and we’re a completely GDPR-compliant quiz maker. (We also comply with California’s CCPA, Canada’s PIPEDA, and other global privacy protection regulations.)

  • Absolutely no personal data from your audience is collected by Riddle – not even IP addresses
  • No US or cloud-based storage – everything runs on our own servers in Germany and Luxembourg.
  • No cookies to collect personal data – we don’t add dodgy trackers to your quiz content on your website (read our cookie documentation here).
  • No Google Analytics – we use a self-hosted tool instead.
  • Heck, this passion for privacy extends to our fonts – even the Google fonts are loaded locally from our server (not Google).

Riddle pricing (unlimited)

Our plans range from $59 to $299 a month, and are unlimited – you can create as many quizzes as you like, show them to unlimited people, and collect unlimited leads.

Survey Anyplace vs Riddle – We compare over 60 features

FeatureSurvey AnyplaceRiddleComments
5-star customer serviceNoYes
Scored quizzes (with right/wrong answers)YesYes
Personality tests (each result based on all answers)YesYes
Standalone lead generation formNoYes
Four types of pollsNoYes
Surveys (with data export)YesYes
Social stories (where quiz meets blog post)NoYes
Social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn)Yes*YesSurvey Anyplace – supports Facebook only
Conditional logicYesYes
MultilingualYes*YesRiddle: 67 languages. Survey Anyplace – no preset translations; you’d need to translate all text strings yourself.
Quiz layouts: multiple layoutsYesYes
Single and multiple correct answersYesYes
Free text responsesNoYes
Score as you go – or at end of quizNoYes
Correct/incorrect answer explanationsYesYes
Custom ‘correct/wrong’ messages and other quiz text fieldsNoYes
Random question and answer orderNoYes
Rich text formatting: include links, lists and emojisYesYes
Hide vote totalsNoYes
Automatically close polls (by date/time)NoYes
Unroll quizzes – display all ?’s at onceNoYes
Show multiple personality results (X% for #1, Y% for #2, etc.)NoYes
Quiz statistics – track starts, completes, leads, sharesYesYes
Detailed quiz stats – by question and resultsYesYes
Optimize quizzes using ‘engagement graph’NoYes
Add multimediaYes*YesSurvey Anyplace – upload images only
Timed quizzesYes*YesSurvey Anyplace – only overall timer for quiz, not for individual questions
Upload your own imagesYesYes
Google image searchNoYes
Classy stock photo libraryNoYes
Giphy – search/use animated GIFsNoYes
Twitter – embed any tweetNoYes
Facebook – add imagesNoYes
Instagram – add imagesNoYes
Sound filesNoYes
YouTube videos & set start/end pointsNoYes
In-tool image editing (crop, filters, text)NoYes
16 types of lead fieldsNoYes
Optional or mandatory formsNoYes
Connect to any marketing tool (on all plans)NoYesSurvey Anyplace – Zapier only with top 3 plans
Connect to any data system with webhook (all plans)NoYes
Send leads to Google DocumentsNoYes
Import your own formsNoYes
Display your videos or adsNoYes
Full creative control – all plansYesYes
Select background patternsNoYes
Accessibility features (hearing/vision-impaired)NoYes
Customize social textNoYes
Add your own brandingYesYes
CSS editor – full control over your quiz stylingNoYes
Team templates – save/apply your own style combinationsYesYes
WordPress plug-inYesYes
Google AMP supportNoYes
Drupal plug-inNoYes
Customize embed widthNoYes
Lazy loading images – improve quiz speedNoYes
Include quiz text to enhance your SEONoYes
Refresh ads on quiz pageNoYes
Doubleclick and other pixel supportNoYes
Facebook pixel supportYesYes
Google Tag ManagerYesYes
Display your banner ads below your quizNoYes
Place your own video adsNoYes
Multi-user team featuresYesYes
100% GDPR, CCPA and PIPEDA conformityNoYes
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