Any author knows that selling books is harder than herding cats and it usually costs money that destroys profit margins. Book blog tours are a great online way of telling new people about your book and it gives the blog owner new content. However, writing new content or doing interviews for each blog is time consuming.

This is where Riddle comes in. Riddles are fun, interactive pieces of content that are easy to pop into blogs – they are also very easy for your readers to share on social media. Readers love riddles because they are eye-catching and entertaining. Bloggers love riddles because not only are they entertaining, they bring in more traffic.


Let’s say you create a riddle around your novel – and ‘Joe Blogs’ posts in on their blog and social media. Every time a reader shares a riddle from ‘Joe Blogs’ on social media, they’ll be directing traffic back to ‘Joe Blogs’. So bloggers get great content AND a boost in traffic. That’s win #1.

Authors get their book information published on blogs AND shared on social media. That’s win #2, especially as you can put a link to your book at the end of the riddle to convert the readers to buyers.

The author just needs to create one entertaining piece of content and our Riddle tools make that really easy. This leaves you more time to work on your next book – win #3!

Start creating a riddle for your book today!

Check out the example below!

Can You Mix Business with Pleasure? (While Working From Home)

What happens if you mix business with romance – profit with bohemians – love and lust? You get a laugh-out-loud novel that is packed with loads of useful tips for running your own business from home. How many of the following points are familiar to you?

Suppose you work for a big company

And it’s driving you mad!

But you lose your job

And get the opportunity to work for yourself, doing what you’ve always wanted to do.

Can you make money in your PJ’s?

With online friends you’ve never met.

Or have breakfast with a roomful of strangers?

AND make them like you enough to buy your product?

Isn’t impressing a roomful of strangers a bit like speed dating…

…where no-one is surprised if you don’t return their phone call?

Do you seduce gorgeous people?

With lovely big networks and high levels of influence.

Or pounce on the easy to get shy ones?

But do they just want your free help rather than your services?

Can you earn enough money?

To buy the essentials like shoes and beer?

What if your heart closes the deal?

With the wrong interested party?

Or you get drunk at a Moulin Rouge business networking party?!

Buy Working from Home by Russ King to find out and laugh while you learn!

Available in paperback or ebook  on Amazon here. The perfect gift for anyone who works for themselves or who has ever dreamt of starting their own business.