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Social story – where quiz meets blog post

Quiz Maker meets Blog Post We’re pumped at Riddle… we just rolled out our new social story for our quiz maker. Think of it as ‘quiz meets blog’ - you’ll be able to create a [...]

Apply new quiz styles or layouts

We're big (really big) into flexibility at Riddle. Our quiz maker is designed so you can easily customize it to your own particular needs. At last count, we have over 75 ways to customize [...]

Automatically close polls at any date or time

At Riddle, customer ideas and suggestions drive about 90% of all our new product features. Here's the latest addition... by popular request, we added a 'scheduled close' option for polls. Many Riddle partners wanted to [...]

Riddle quiz maker: personality test – extended results

Personality tests are the most viral of all quizzes. It's for one reason - personality tests let people discover something new about themselves, then share their results with their friends. With Riddle's extended results option, [...]

HubSpot lead generation and Riddle

HuBSpot Lead Generation with Riddle Riddle's quiz maker is a powerful marketing tool - enabling you to easily gather the names and emails of people who take your quiz. The next step? Sync Riddle [...]