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Our handy visual guide to each of our quiz maker plans
We all handle customer support, from our CEO to our dev team
Our best tips for making the perfect personality test
We keep evolving - stay up to date on our latest features
Easily make quiz lead forms with our drag/drop form builder
Create and run your own live online quiz event - for unbeatable engagement
Insert video ads, forms, or any other iFrame content
Send all leads and quiz data to any software or CRM system
Direct leads to landing pages using their quiz results
Send users to separate URLs with custom result landing pages
Add a poll for quick, effective engagement in 60 seconds
Show the top scorers for your quiz - boost engagement and run contests
Auto-sync leads & quiz data to your ActiveCampaign account
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Embed video ads, forms, or other content in your quizzes
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Enjoy total creative control - customize (almost) everything
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Choose the perfect type of quiz for your unique needs
14 types of quizzes - find the best for your content needs.
Our plug-in is a great shortcut to publish your quizzes.
Discover how to use quiz stats to make your quizzes better.
Engage your audience and collect leads with quiz contests.
Stay GDPR safe - read our tips for quiz lead generation.
Privacy matters - we'll never sell your quiz data. Period.
Send emails to each lead based on their quiz results.
Listicles, Top 10 lists - easy to make, impossible to resist
Collect quiz leads and stay GDPR-safe with Riddle
Discover how to gather GDPR-safe quiz leads
Check out the newest features for Riddle's quiz maker
Quickly send quiz leads to ConvertKit - no coding required
Collect quiz leads and stay GDPR-safe with Riddle
Ask users to rank their poll choices ("Your top 3 actors?")
Easily send quiz leads to any email tool - with zero coding
A blank canvas - embed quizzes, text, pics, vids, and more
Apply preset quiz styles and themes to match your site
Gather leads and their quiz data with Riddle's quiz maker
Save time with our new copy questions or quiz result feature
Don't stress - auto-close your polls at any date and time
Show all their test results (XX% result A, YY% result B...)
Easily save and apply your quiz's look and feel with a click
Help decide which Riddle plan would best meet your needs
Sync leads' emails and quiz results to your HubSpot account
Quickly learn to use Riddle with the Thunder CMS (Drupal)
We keep evolving - check out our latest & greatest features
More than a question - use polls for instant engagement
Choose the right images to make your quiz visually 'pop'
Use quizzes to automate your marketing funnel
Francien's quiz helps you craft an authentic brand.
Get more sales and sign ups with 'call to action' buttons
Podcast featuring Riddle and (ahem) fornicating ducks
Discover how to create your own Likert scale quizzes
Add your advertisers' logos, run ads, collect leads and more
Use conditional logic when showing questions to each user
Get more ad revenue - show new ads after each quiz question
Add polls to get your site visitors to stay 21% longer
Add your own custom lead generation form to any quiz
Write the perfect quiz title to help it go viral
Get more leads with the right mix of our Riddle quiz types
Our guide to key features to look for in a quiz maker
Add animated GIFs via Giphy, Google, or create your own
Use Riddle's quiz maker for Ryan Levesque's "Ask Method"
Add Google events to your quiz to track any action
Embed your quiz to your Squarespace site with this trick
Use quiz results to segment leads for better follow ups
Send all quiz leads and results to your AWeber account
Start creating your own quiz - in just six easy steps
Embed quizzes in ad units to spread across the internet
Upload your font or use Google Fonts, TypeKit, and more
Sync all your quiz stats to your Google Analytics account
Embed your quiz at any size from 200px to 2000
Change (almost) every element of your quiz to match your site
Learn about the irresistible lure of personality tests
Easily collect audience feedback with our reaction polls
Avoid ugly quiz widgets - blend your quizzes to your site
Ask survey questions within a quiz - for the best feedback
Learn why quizzes are flat-out awesome at lead generation
SXSW - a 'must go' event or massively overrated?
Thunder included Riddle as their Drupal CMS quiz maker
Our team's review of 'Triggers' - we're big fans of this book
Turns out start ups and Candy Crush have a lot in common...
We're super proud that Thunder picked Riddle for their CMS]
Use high quality free images in your Riddle quizzes
We get top marks for our quiz maker's flexibility for students
Full of concise tips about how to succeed at social media
A coffee crisis shows what life's like in a start up
Grow your blog with less work - using quizzes
Create quizzes that go viral - free traffic for your site
Supporting Pando's 'speak truth to power' reporting
Be posted on other sites' "best of" lists & get more leads
See just why quizzes are so effective for lead generation
See why quizzes & email collection is such a powerful combo
Easily add your logo (or your clients') to your quizzes
Our series of free webinars about everything quiz-related
All our Riddle quizzes feature built-in social sharing
Add any YouTube video to your quiz + set start & end points
A wrap-up about how NOT to try get noticed on Hacker News
Share your quiz in 67 languages - from Arabic to Yoruba
A great look how social media can be good in the classroom
Embed your quiz in your site - to look great on any screen
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