Webinar: “Create quizzes that are actually viral”

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What makes a Riddle quiz, poll, or list go viral?

Sure, Riddle makes it easy to create your own interactive content. But there are also a number of good tips and best practices that will take your Riddle from being merely good to flat out awesome.

I recently got our in-house viral content expert Jonathan Small (he’s created successful content for Fox Sports,theChive, and Sports Illustrated) to join me for an informal webinar – where he gave his advice on how to make those small yet crucial improvements that will encourage your audience to share your Riddle.

We’ve included a recording below – check it out, in less than half an hour, you’ll learn:

  • What should I create? See how to use each type of Riddle for the right purpose.
  • Picking the perfect title and image:Like the cover of a book, the right image and title will get your audience curious enough to take (and share) your Riddle.
  • Improve my Riddle through statistics: Publishing your Riddle is just the start. We’ll show how to use the ‘Statistics’ dashboard to make small but powerful tweaks – to boost virality and social love by your audience.

This was our first webinar – so we’ll have to ask your patience if the audio isn’t as crisp as we would have liked. As a young start up, we’re always learning and improving. Next time, we’ll be using much better audio/webinar software.

Happy Riddling, and Happy Holidays!


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