Using that Friday Funny Feeling to make your customers laugh (and buy)

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It seems that every day of the week now has a new title on social media. We have Throwback Thursday, Wednesday is Hump Day and Monday is well, oh dear it’s Monday! It seems that many people seem to have forgotten about the social selling fun aspect of Friday, specifically a Friday Funny.

Many years ago I was writing for a daily intranet publication for Pfizer in Kent, England. Our aim was to reduce the heavy burden of emails and to pass on corporate information to the staff in a more entertaining way. As a young team we tried to incorporate more humour into our work than perhaps the senior management were happy with, but one regular feature was our ‘Friday Funny’.

It will never stand up in court!

It was an interesting time as Pfizer had just launched Viagra and there were plenty of upstanding jokes appearing throughout the media. Of course the staff at Pfizer had heard them all before as they had spent years bringing the drug to market. The trick was to write a Friday Funny article but avoid all innuendos about Viagra and to include a scientific twist to keep the management happy.

The Friday Funny articles were by far the most popular items of the week. We published three items a day and the other two items on Fridays also received a significant boost in readership. It will come as no surprise that the other two articles were the (significantly) less entertaining ones the management really wanted people to read.

Since then I’ve always tended to defy the established logic and send out important things on Friday, but in a humorous way. Of course this works on Wednesdays too if you bring in the Hump Day concept or on Mondays if you set it as something to give people a lift at the beginning of the week.

Sharing is the new reading

With the arrival of viral content creation we don’t just want people to read and react to what we send them. We want them to share it too. The main drivers that persuade people to share are things that:

  • Makes them look good/clever
  • That will shock or surprise
  • That entertain people and make them laugh

Perhaps it might be time to try a Friday Funny out for yourself? Here’s some fun content about Shakira – my favourite singer to get you started. ;O)

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