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Did you see the integration tab mentioning webhooks and custom result page while building your Riddle and wonder what you can do with it?

Through the integrations, you can build a highly customized quiz experience, which includes sending people to a custom result page, that you can design any way you like. It does take a little bit of custom coding to get this done, but if you wonder what the possibilities are, we are giving you a sample page that you can try out now in any of your Riddles. Riddle can also send all the data from your quiz (answers given, quiz results) as well as all the data from the embedded lead form to your custom result page via POST variable. This allows you to build a highly customized and personal experience.

Here is how to test out the custom result pages:

Build a quiz or personality test with a few questions and answers and if you like add a lead gen form (custom result pages work great for lead gen if you ask me).

Then on the integrations tab, add one of these 2 URLs:

a) use this if you want the results to show on a brand new page and not inside the Riddle iFrame:


b)  use this if you want the result to show inside the Riddle iFrame. Kind of like our normal results, but with your custom content.


When you play through your Riddle now, you will be taken to your very own custom result page.

Riddle integrations to build a custom result page Riddle integrations to build a custom result page

Now, this page won’t look pretty but it will display all the data that we make available to you, when you start building your own pages.

Feel free to use this little helper to learn about the data your Riddle is sending and as a great starting point for your first custom result page.

Additional resources to get you started: