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Unless you’ve been under a rock online, the odds are pretty good that you’ve heard of Reddit. Founded way back in 2006, Reddit has grown so rapidly – it’s become THE place for users of all stripes to post and comment on interesting content. For the social creator, Reddit’s a wonderful place to share your content and let a new audience discover you. If enough people like what you to do – you should see a nice new spike in new users. But… and there’s always a but, isn’t there? Reddit can be tricky to the uninitiated – so to increase your chances of having your Riddle liked and shared, we recommend you follow these general guidelines:

Ten Rules for Happy Redditing:

  1. Abide by the 9:1 rule: Reddit users are very sensitive to people who spam the forums. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to comment on 9 pieces for every link you submit.
  2. Participation is key: choose 10-20 subreddits (mini-forums) around topics you are genuinely interested in. That will make your comments much easier to make, and (see next point).
  3. It’s all about respect: the more insightful the comments you make, the more upvotes you’ll get. This will increase your ranking and the amount of respect your other Reddit users give to your contributions.
  4. Karma Chameleon: your profile will have two numbers by it, showing how the amount of ‘Karma’ your comments and links have. The more popular and upvoted your comments and posts, the higher the numbers and prove you’re a valuable member of Reddit – not just a spammer.
  5. The upvote is king: Reddit is a brutally Darwinian ecosystem for Internet content. Every user can ‘upvote’ or ‘downvote’ any topic and comment. The more upvotes you get, the higher you rank on the results page and the more people see your content. Having some friends upvote your stuff is a good way to get the ball rolling.
  6. Filter your feed: Reddit automatically starts you off in about 50 Reddits, ranging from video games to cute pics which can be a little disorienting to read and browse. Unsubscribe from any that don’t interest you, so you can focus on the forums you actually know (and care) about.
  7. It’s 99% about the title: your title means almost more than the content. If you can come up with a clever, intriguing title, you’ll get far more people to click on it.
  8. Which Reddit to post in? Each Reddit can range from 50 subscribers to 200,000 – so try to find the biggest one that is relevant to your post. And beware – each Reddit has its own rules for posting that you cross at your peril. For example, the /r/Dogs Reddit is a place for questions about dogs, and NOT for cute pictures – that gets that forum riled up and your post quickly deleted by the moderators.
  9. The Holy Grail of Reddit posting – you want to reach enough popularity for the ‘Hot’ tab – showing the most popular content for that Reddit, which is how most people browse.

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