Riddle in the news (our quiz builder reviewed)

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It’s been an awesome ride since we launched Riddle back in 2014. We’ve been over the moon at the great quiz builder reviews Riddle has been getting – from both our fans and the press.

Don’t just take our word for it:

“Riddle helps our Children’s interactive team to quickly create engaging content that provide compelling data insights about our audience.” – Derek Harvie, Executive Producer (CBeebies @ the BBC)

“Riddle is a brilliant tool, and plays an important role for us – making it easy for users of all levels of technical ability to create smart, on-brand interactive content and embed it anywhere. The functionality on offer goes well beyond simple quizzes, making it an invaluable tool for generating leads, increasing engagement and bringing stories to life.” – Adam Gillett​ Supporter Data & Platforms Lead, Which?

“Riddle is simple and simply great. Be creative, go wild – the tool goes out of the way for fun experiences on any device. And collect some leads on the way. Everybody’s happy. Last but not least, the Riddle folks always go the extra-mile supporting their clients because they love what they do, and who does not want a partner like that?” – Mohammed Brueckner, Director E-Commerce International, Stage Entertainment

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