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Upcoming feature list for Riddle – vote now!

Feature requests for Riddle - vote now! We're incredibly customer-focused at Riddle, with 80-90% of all our product features coming from you and the rest of the Riddle community. Here's what's on our list - [...]

Content Marketing Superheroes: Our Favorite Quizzes

Every week, we love seeing how some of the biggest brand, teams, and publishers engage their audience with Riddle's quiz builder as part of their content marketing plans. Here are a few of our favorites: Quiz [...]

Riddle University: how to use the In-Quiz iFrame

Adding lead generation to interactive content like quizzes, lists, and polls is powerful. Your audience is at their most engaged - so it's a perfect time to ask for their name and email address for newsletter [...]

Custom quiz width embeds using Riddle

Did you know that Riddle supports custom quiz width embeds? Once you've created a beautiful quiz, you can embed this on your site at any width besides our standard 640 pixels? No problem at all... [...]

Quiz webhook – send data and leads to any software

We built Riddle to easily connect with any marketing software or CRM tool. Our new quiz webhook joins our existing range of data connection options, from using Zapier to native integrations with AWeber and [...]