What quiz type works best for online quiz lead generation

Online quizzes for lead generation

Online quizzes plus lead generation is a powerful marketing combination! Expect opt-in rates of up to 35-40% – more than 20X the online average for lead generation.

But why? Getting your potential users involved and clicking is powerful. Once they’re answering questions, you’re more than halfway to getting them interested in your services.

  • Add a form asking for their name and email.
  • Provide a compelling reason why they should sign up.
  • Don’t just say ‘sign up for our newsletter’.
  • Successful ideas: contests, free consultations, or receiving a pdf with more detailed answers or a report

But that’s just the start. With online quiz lead generation, you can then segment each user based on how they respond (even down to the individual question level), and automatically send out custom follow-up messages tailored to each user.

This sort of customized response feels genuine and massively boosts conversion rates. Riddle makes it easy – you can use Riddle’s native integration with AWeber, Mailchimp, or any other marketing software through Zapier.

Online quiz lead generation: Overview by quiz type

What type of quiz works best?
Just like most things – the answer is… it depends.

There’s a trade-off between the time it takes to create a particular type of online quiz with the expected lead generation conversion rates.

Time to create / Lead-Gen Opt-in rateLowHigh
High///Personality Quizzes / Quizzes

Generating leads with answers from a personality quiz

First of all, personality quizzes are the best hands-down because they’re so intensely tailored to each person. We’ve all seen them – they run the range from the serious (“What type of investor are you?”) to the silly (“What Harry Potter character are you?”).

Each user answers a series of questions without right or wrong answers. Based on their responses, they discover their result.

It’s this process of discovery that makes it such a good use case of online quiz lead generation. Potential leads are in the act of exploring – and are given a result. As a result, you can then use the information they provide to craft the perfect response. As an analogy, it’s the quiz equivalent of a 1:1 conversation with a good sales rep.

Leads from other test answers: polls, quizzes, and listicles

But don’t rule out other types of interactive content. Polls and quizzes tend to much faster to create – which means you can easily add an interactive element to your posts in under five minutes.

In addition, you can also use responses to help qualify each user as a lead. Let’s take an example around a poll. Suppose you run a financial advice blog – and run a poll “It’s impossible for a first time home buyer to get a mortgage.”

Anyone who answers ‘Yes’ could be sent customized messages around how you make it easy to get on the property ladder.

Online quiz lead generation: Summary

In conclusion, adding a form to your quizzes, personality tests, or polls can dramatically boost your lead conversion rates. Our top three tips:

  1. Try several types of content as you start trying online quiz lead generation. Personality tests work well, but consider adding polls or ranked lists with a lead form to your content. It’s an easy way to make a passive article interactive, and pick up more leads along the way.
  2. Offer a clear, compelling reason for an interested user to give their email. “Sign up for our newsletter” won’t cut it – you need to offer concrete benefit to the user (“Get a free 15-minute consultation – worth $75”).
  3. Strike while the iron is hot! Automatically send each lead a customized email response based on their answers from your marketing software or email automation tool.

Hope that helps – but just let us know at hello@riddle.com if you have any questions. Our entire team is fired up about providing awesome customer service – from our CEO on down, we race each other to answer customer questions.

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