Free E-Book: Quizmaster – growth hack your marketing through quizzes and personality quizzes quizmaker e-book: Quizmaster - Growth hack your marketing through quizzes and personality tests

A phenomenal 35-45% of quiz takers give their email addresses.
That’s 20X better vs. the 2% for standard lead generation pop-ups.

Boris Pfeiffer, founder

Get your copy of “Quizmaster – Growth hack your marketing through quizzes and personality quizzes!”

Our founders Boris Pfeiffer and Mike Hawkins co-authored this handy guide on quiz creation and lead generation through the quizmaker platform to help users leverage the power of Riddle even better.

Quizzes are big these days. Really big.

We bet your social feed is probably full of online quizzes like these:

  • “Are you a savvy saver?”
  • “Safe or scary? Test your skills behind the wheel!”
  • “What’s your ideal career?”

According to AdWeek, quizzes are the most shared content on social media.
Every day, your friends and family will post a quiz result like “My dream vacation is ‘Hawaii’ – what’s yours? Take the test to find out!”
As a marketer, using a quiz maker to collect and qualify leads based on quiz responses is a powerful sales and customer retention tool.
Now you can get our free guide about our favorite quiz maker growth hack.

Why? Quizzes get your potential customers involved.

Forget banner ads. Use quizzes to get them clicking and volunteering information – then match your products and services to their needs.
Quizzes have opt-in rates up to 20x better than the 2% average for ‘typical’ online lead generation options.

Chock full of advice and examples gained from 25 years of quiz experience, Quizmaster will show you how to create the perfect online quiz.
You’ll increase engagement, social sharing, and (most importantly) sales.

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