Does your dog’s bed stink? Using a personality test to launch a new product.

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All dogs have smelly beds!

The only way to get rid of that lingering doggy smell is to wash their bed.

But it’s not that simple!

Dog beds might fit in the washing machine but they come out lumpy and take AGES to dry. They also tend to keep that damp dog residual smell no matter how long they are left to dry.

One of our Riddle users has come up with a beautifully simple idea. A doggy ‘duvet’ that you put over any pillow you have. It doesn’t let any of the smells or dampness through to the pillow.

Take the duvet cover off and put it in the washing machine. Then pop it over the pillow again when it’s dry.

You keep the doggy smell under control and the bed stays comfy for the dog.


But how do you tell people about it and try to raise some funds to start a business around it?

Audrey Smith, inventor of the PEPPER&MANNY bed, created a fun personality test for dog owners! It gets potential customers thinking about a problem they just learned to live with.

A fun test that people like to share AND that qualifies your customers?

That’s what Riddle is all about!

How stinky is your dog?

We absolutely love our dogs but there’s no doubt that our beloved pooches come with their own very special smell. Sometimes it’s a really nasty smell they have covered themselves in just before sneaking in the house! Where does your dog feature on the stinky scale?

Your dog stinks like a skunk!

There are times when you must be able to smell your dog before you can see them! Your lovable rascal seems to know all the best ways to get a good smell going and is no doubt able to keep it up for long periods of time. It’s a good job your love knows no bounds or they would spend most of their time in the doghouse!

If your dog is smelly, their bed will stink! But not with a Pepper&Manny bed you can wash the odors away as often as you like. Yes, all of them. Find out more here

Your dog is smelly but lovable!

They might be a bit of a stinker sometimes but it’s never going to put you off giving them a big hug or curling up for a snooze together. Your pooch may do some things that seem to be designed to get them extra stinky but unlike some dogs it doesn’t appear to be their full time job.

If your dog is smelly, their bed will stink! But not with a Pepper&Manny bed you can wash the odors away as often as you like. Yes, all of them. Find out more here

Your dog thinks they smell great!

While your dog does undoubtedly have a doggy whiff about them, they don’t really compare to the persistent stink that some dogs manage to create. You can take your pooch round a friend’s house and not have them spraying the place with air freshener after you’ve left! In dog terms this means they are smelling like roses.

A PEPPER&MANNY bed can maintain your clean smelling home as you can wash away those doggy odors as often as you like! Find out more here

You have to cut through a muddy field… your dog would:

How often does your pooch roll in something truly nasty?

There’s no smell quite like a damp dog! Where does your dog prefer to lie when they’re wet?

On a walk your dog is mainly:

How often does your dog eat something disgusting (to us)?

Your dog’s coat is:

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