Like most other start up companies, at Riddle, we’re focused on growth hacking – relying on influencer relationships and other strategies to generate word of mouth and traffic . We’ve got a sneaky advantage in that our own tools create viral content such as lists and quizzes. But we’ve also had a surprising level of success using other people’s lists!

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Bloggers love lists because people tend to share them, but they also help with the all-important SEO. Going back to the previous examples – a search for ‘online tools for restaurant owners’ is likely to direct Google to you. This is especially true if the list has been shared by bloggers who focus on the restaurant trade.

Types of lists

  • Step-by-step guides
  • Concise reviews
  • Tricks of the trade
  • Funny takes on serious subjects
  • Funny ways we react to everyday life

But there are other benefits to writing lists. You might find brands and bloggers reach out to YOU to be included on your list, creating an excellent opportunity to collaborate for mutual benefit.

Sound strange?

We’ve been featured in lots of lists since we launched Riddle ranging from high traffic publications like  to more specialised sites.

Sometimes being included in a list is a first step to actually being featured in an article like this one about using tech in the classroom.  Here the author actually creates a video to show people how to use our site!

One thing that (pleasantly) surprised us was the longevity of these lists. Unlike a news article that is quickly forgotten, they keep on being referenced. Even better, visitors from these lists were not only more likely to sign up, they were also more likely to create their own content.

Flushed with this success, we searched for similar other lists and contacted the authors. Many of them were happy to try us out and add us to their list. They were happy to update their list with the latest information and we got lots of new, qualified users.

You can create your own list at or just Google your keywords and add the word ‘list’ to find out who is creating those vital lists about your specialist area.

Of course, as it is so quick to create beautiful lists on Riddle we’d suggest that you share the love for other people first and reap the benefits! Here’s a list we put together about blogging experts who influence us. It took longer to decide who to cram into the seven places than it did to create and publish it!

Riddle’s top 7 blogging experts to follow

The Internet is full of great advice. Some times we just need a little help to find the people who really resonate with us. Here’s a selection of characters who all bring vital information in their own style.

Darren Rowse

Self-made full-time blogger, Aussie Darren gives a wide range of advice in practically all formats including podcasts. Check him out at ProBlogger.

Marji Sherman

Florida-based Marji dominates her niche of storytelling blogging. Armed with nothing more than her red lipstick, her faith and her insightful observations on life and blogging she provides warmth AND killer blog tactics. Find her at

Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg shows that you can be fun AND organised. She has all sorts of tips to get the most out of your blog and your time! Get yourself along to

John Paul Aguiar

If you want lots of straight-forward advice for marketing your blog and making money then John is your man. You can find him at his Money Dummy Blog.

Lolly Daskal

If you need a kick up the butt to make you believe in yourself and a hug at the same time then Lolly is the perfect person for you. Check out her #leadfromwithin advice on Twitter (over a million follows can’t be wrong) and on her blog here.

Marsha Collier

The queen of customer service and the author of almost 50 books on social media and ecommerce. Yes – 48 of them! Another contender for nicest person on the Internet she responds to queries and comments with a smile. Check out her Cool eBay Tools blog.

Sunny Lenarduzzi

Maybe you don’t want to spend lots of time writing words down? Bubbly Sunny should be your first port of call if you want to:
  • Start your own YouTube channel
  • Become a Periscope expert
  • Or just add a few videos to your blog without looking like you did it with your phone in your kitchen (even if you did exactly this)

Who have we missed?

If you want to nominate someone for this list (or maybe even yourself) drop us a line at and we’ll take a look.