Welcome to Riddle – watch our quick five-minute video introduction to our online quiz maker.

Riddle’s quiz marketing platform is used by thousands of global publishers and brands – including the BBC, Spotify, and CNN.

Video introduction to Riddle’s online quiz maker

They create white-labelled interactive content that engages their audience, powers their marketing, and collect useful data in a 100% GDPR-compliant way.

You’ll see how to:

And best of all? No coding needed – just point, click, and create.

9 top tips for successful quiz marketing

Creating a quiz is easy – but there are some tips and tricks that will help your quiz and other interactive content engage your audience and collect more leads.

Tips to creating a quiz from Riddle's online quiz maker
Some of our best practices for creating successful interactive content

We’ve put this list together of the nine top secrets that make quizzes succeed. You’ll learn how to:

  • Craft a killer title
  • Choose the right number of questions
  • Write quiz results that get shared on social media

You’ll get more people to start your quiz, fill in the lead form, and then share the results with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

23 of our favorite quizzes – live examples

Want to see learn why our global partners like the BBC, Spotify, and CNN use Riddle’s online quiz maker?

Check out our case studies – discover how brands, publishers, and agencies leveraged Riddle to create powerful interactive content experiences for their audiences.

Additional quiz maker resources

If you’re wanting to dive deep into quiz marketing after our video introduction, we recommend you check out our free e-book “Quizmaster”.

Download your free .pdf copy here – full of our in-depth best practices behind building your next personality test, quiz, or other interactive content.

Any questions about using Riddle?

If you have any questions after watching our video introduction, just ask us on support chat.

We’re passionate about customer support. Our CEO and entire product team race each other to answer first.

You can also check out our ‘Start here’ section in our help center – with useful guides to help you create a quiz, add a form to collect emails, then publish on your site.

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