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Do you want to maximize your lead collection with a quiz? Use to create a quiz contest and include a lead generation form to gather entries. Quizzes naturally encourage competition, as people enjoy showcasing their knowledge. By offering an attractive prize, you can significantly boost participation, with up to 45% of quiz takers completing your lead form to enter the contest.

Why a quiz contest works

Quizzes are inherently engaging, whether they take the form of a pub quiz, a game of Trivial Pursuit with friends, a music quiz on the radio, or online. People like proving their knowledge, and introducing a contest only serves to enhance this experience. By setting a specific threshold for successful entries (such as ‘Score 90% or better to be entered to win!’), you create an irresistible challenge. One such example is BBC Radio 2’s daily ‘End of Days’ contest – the listener who answers the most questions correct gets to have their favorite song played.

It is human nature for people to want to enter contests to test out their skills. They are therefore happy to fill out your lead form in order to participate. An added benefit is that participants are more likely to provide accurate information if they need to share real details to win the prize.

How to make your own quiz contest

If you’re ready to make your own quiz contest, let’s dive into the steps – no coding or any tricky tech skills required.

  1. Make your quiz on the Creator platform.
  2. Add a contest entry form with our drag/drop form builder. Be sure to include an opt-in check box for your contest terms and conditions.
  3. Send leads to your email marketing tool (e.g. AWeber, MailChimp, or our Zapier app) for future marketing.Alternatively, save leads to any Google Spreadsheet using our Google integration.
  4. Publish your quiz and embed it on your site (as easy as embedding a YouTube video).
  5. When the quiz is over, view all entries in your spreadsheet.
    • (Optional) If you set a minimum score, sort all entries by score , then filter out people who did not answer enough questions.
    • (Optional) If you only allow one entry per person, sort all entries by email address, then use this trick to quickly scan for duplicate entries.
  6. Use the pick a winner function on the Riddle publish screen to pick a winner automatically based on a set of conditions.
    • Alternative: Use to pick a random number. Count down the list of eligible entries, and voila! – you have your winner. We recommend taking a screenshot so you show how you awarded the prize.
  7. Announce on your site and social media, tagging the winner directly for better reach among their network of friends.

Other ideas for running a quiz contest

  • Up the difficulty (and adrenaline) with a timer. Timers also prevent the “Google Factor” – users won’t have time to look up answers they don’t know. You can use’s timer function to set a time limit for either or both:
    • Overall quiz length: ‘45 seconds to answer 8 questions’
    • Individual questions: ‘5 seconds per question’ or ‘7 seconds for #1, 5 seconds for #2…’This is brilliant for ramping up the difficulty of your quiz. A bit like Jeopardy, start easy and end with the most difficult questions.
  • Delay showing normally gives immediate feedback after each question. You can choose to show answers only at the end of the quiz after the entry form. As a result, you’ll get more entries, especially if only people who score X correct are eligible. This way, even people who didn’t score enough to qualify will enter; they won’t see their score until after the contest entry form.
  • Add CTA buttons or custom result pages.You can personalize who sees your contest form or other content.
    • Call to action buttons: After the last question, successful quiz takers will see a button that leads to an entry form on your site.
    • Custom result pages: At the end of the quiz, automatically send people to a page on your site to enter.
  • Create a leaderboard.You can use’s new leaderboard feature to rank your users based on their performance in quizzes or predictors. Leaderboards tap into the competitive nature of individuals, encouraging them to participate more actively to see their name at the top. The desire to maintain or improve one’s position on the leaderboard can lead to repeat participation, ensuring sustained engagement over time.
  • Create a live quiz contest to engage an audience in real time.
  • Run an online raffle and get the maximum number of leads and the highest engagement rates.

Quiz contests – a summary

Creating a quiz contest using is an effective strategy for maximizing lead collection and engaging participants. By offering an attractive prize and setting a challenge, such as scoring 90% or better, you can significantly boost participation.’s intuitive tools allow you to create quizzes, add lead generation forms, and integrate with email marketing tools or Google Spreadsheets without any coding skills. Enhancing the contest with features like timers, delayed answers, call-to-action buttons, custom result pages, and leaderboards can further increase engagement and data accuracy. simplifies the entire process, making it easy to run a successful quiz contest and generate valuable leads.

For years, we have been assisting brands and publishers, including the BBC and Manchester City FC. If you have any questions about creating quizzes and contests, we are here to help at, or through our support chat on

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