Riddle quizmaker is fully CCPA-compliant

Obligatory disclaimer: We’re not lawyers at Riddle – just big quiz marketing geeks. So we highly recommend you get your own legal advice about how Riddle complies with CCPA. But we’re always happy to help out with any questions that pop up.

Looking for a CCPA-compliant quiz maker?

California introduced their California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) – which took effect January 1, 2020.

And since California has the fifth largest economy in the world, this new law is going to have a huge impact on many businesses.

Designed to safeguard consumer data, the CCPA is often compared to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.
However, there are some key differences. Here’s the best CCPA vs GDPR overview we’ve found – by the law gurus at BakerHostetler.

But basically – the CCPA will affect you if you are a for-profit entity doing business in California and meet any of these criteria:

CCPA coverage: annualy revenue bigger than 25 million USD, over 50.000 personal data records, 50% of revenue from selling customer personal information
  • Annual revenue > $25 million
  • Buy/receive/sell/share personal identifiable information (PII) of 50,000+ consumers, devices, or households for commercial purposes
  • Get > 50% of annual revenue from selling consumer personal information

By comparison, the GDPR is a broader regulation, affecting almost every size and sector of organization.

The good news? Riddle is a CCPA-compliant quiz maker (we comply with the GDPR too for that matter).

We have some more best practices for small businesses seeking to use quizzes for lead generation with privacy in mind – check out our blog post for a more detailed look.

Riddle quizzes without a lead form – no PII is collected

We don’t collect any personal information from any our Riddle quizzes, polls, and other interactive content that do not include a lead generation form.

Instead, we only collect overall and anonymous statistics.

For example, if 10,000 people took your quiz, we would only track things such as:

  • 1,750 people picked answer ‘Yes’ for question 1
  • 5,328 got overall quiz result A, 3219 got result B, etc.

That’s a key reason we’re CCPA-compliant. We do not track an individual’s quiz results – so in this scenario, we wouldn’t be able to break out the data for a specific user like Bob Smith.

Riddle also does not drop cookies or use trackers – to measure your quiz takers. Nope – we just build great quiz tools, and leave all data collection up to you.

Quizzes with a lead form – how PII is collected

Quizzes are powerful lead generation tools – and an excellent way to power your marketing funnel.

Adding a lead generation form displayed between the last question and the user’s results – will see up to 35-45% opt-in rates.

If you choose to use our lead generation forms in a CCPA quiz, we will pair each of your lead’s PII with their quiz responses.

But here’s the important thing to note about our being CCPA-compliant. We designed Riddle so that this PII information is passed directly to your email marketing tool – without every hitting our servers.

Exception: saving PII to Riddle’s servers

There’s only one time personally identifiable information is ever stored on Riddle’s servers.

If you select the ‘Save to Riddle’ option in our lead form builder (for future download as a XLS/CSV file), the data will be stored on our servers.

We include default text to the lead form advising the audience their data will be stored by us, including links to our privacy policy.

Deleting a user’s personal info (PII) upon request

As part of being CCPA-compliant, you’re required to quickly delete a quiz taker’s PII when they ask.

We’ve built a tool that makes it easy – no need to get your developers involved. You can do all of that from Riddle directly!

Riddle as a CCPA-compliant quiz maker – summary

We hope this overview helps. The CCPA is a powerful tool that will protect consumers’ data from unscruplous uses.

We’ve designed Riddle to be a CCPA-compliant quiz maker – so that you can safely continue to collect leads through quizzes.

If you have any questions about using quizzes to collect leads, or how we’re a CCPA-compliant quiz maker, please drop us a line.
You can use email (hello@riddle.com) or our support chat tool on this blog or Riddle.com.

Seriously. Ask away. Customer service is a HUGE priority for our entire team. We take pride in being super-fast to respond to any support inquiries – you’ll often get a response in under 2 minutes flat (even on a Sunday or if we’re on a big bike ride). How’s that for fast?

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