Free coronavirus information quiz and list

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We totally get it. The coronavirus is one scary virus.

But we believe education is the best way to control the spread – and keep people safe.

Free coronavirus checker and listicle:

We’ve created these two interactive formats to help you inform and protect your audience:

  • QUIZ: ‘Do you have the coronavirus?’ – this branching logic quiz lets your audience answer questions about their symptoms, travel history, and other risk factors.

Completely free to use on any site

These are totally free to use on your site – forever. You can either:

  1. Copy our embed code – just copy and embed the embed code below into your site. Fully responsive, it works on any size device.
  2. Create your own editable version – sign in to your Riddle account (or use our free 14 day free trial) and add this template to your account for full editing.

Embed codes – copy/paste to your site

‘Do you have the coronavirus?’ quiz:


‘8 steps to fight the coronavirus’ listicle:


How to copy our template to your Riddle account

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click ‘create’
  3. For ‘Do you have the coronavirus?’, select ‘Journey’
  4. For ‘8 steps to fight the coronavirus’, select ‘List’
  5. Tap on ‘+’ sign below the template
  6. You’ll have your own copy to customize in your account (more info)

Privacy notice

If you use the embed code for this Riddle content, we guarantee that we will not track your end users’ data. That’s just bad karma – and not the way we do things at Riddle.

The code does NOT load any Riddle or re-targeting or tracking pixels.

The only thing Riddle tracks is aggregated data on views, starts and finishes for this embed code. The aggregate data is in no way linked to either your site where the Riddle is embedded or the users who interact with it. You can read more about how we treat our users’ privacy here.

Information sources

There’s a lot of dodgy information out there. We went to the most reputable sources around for our data:

  1. Robert Koch Institut: Coronavirus infographic
  2. World Health Organization: Basic protective measures against the coronavirus

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