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We love seeing how some of the biggest brand, teams, and publishers engage their audience with Riddle’s quiz builder as part of their content marketing plans.

Here are a few of our recent favorites:

Personality Test (Red Bull): Discover your fan style (with built-in contest)

  • Energy drinks company Red Bull are have justifiably made a name for themselves as marketing rock stars. They used Riddle’s personality test module to power this fan contest – giving their followers a chance to meet NHL hockey phenom Mitch Marner!
  • BONUS: Check out how they leveraged Riddle’s custom CSS and font feature to seamlessly blend the test into their site:

Quiz (NFL’s Chicago Bears):

  • Check out how the American pro football team Chicago Bears used quizzes to engage their fans throughout the season. They partnered with their brand sponsor Xfinity to present this series of weekly quizzes – launched in the build up before each game. Featuring a question timer, each quiz got exceptional completion and social share rates – a total win/win for both team and sponsor.

Reaction Poll (BBC Sport): 

  • The BBC’s Sport division loves to deploy reaction polls – like this one celebrating Liverpool’s comeback win against Barcelona – in their articles (scroll to bottom of page). Quick to create in just one or two minutes flat, they’re perfect for adding interactivity to long-form content – with 20-25% of all page visitors voting. In this case, BBC Sport got over 300,000 votes – not bad for 90 seconds of work!

Personality test (Choice Hotels):

  • Choice Hotels have been amazing how they adjust our quiz with CSS to match their creative goals of using quizzes to recommend vacation plans around their global hotels. Take a look at their “Where to go on vacation?” personality test – they moved the main image below the text, changed hover states, and more – all with our CSS editor:

Order It (Chelsea FC):

  • Premiership pro soccer club Chelsea are super creative coming up with new ways to use Riddle’s 14 types of quizzes to challenge their trivia-loving fans. You can see how they used our ‘Order It’ quiz type before their match with Newcastle – with a tricky ‘put these games in the correct order’. Sure – fans had three chances, but only true Blues would get 100%:

Journey (90min):

  • Massive football publisher 90min uses our branching logic ‘journey’ riddle type to support their advertisers’ campaigns. Check out this example they created for the launch of the Tomb Raider movie (bottom of page) – with customized branding and a movie trailer ad shown before each user views their results.
  • They got an amazing 90% completion rate – boom!

Poll (Radio Times):

  • Radio Times is an institution for the UK – with millions turning to their site and magazine for the latest info about what’s on both radio and television. They cleverly use polls to grab their users’ attention in long-form articles – like this one around the reality show Voice UK.
  • Easy to create – polls are effective at turning passive readers into active participants… increasing time on site and helping your site’s SEO.

Custom CSS Style Override:

Riddle’s CSS Style Override also makes it easy to seamlessly blend any Riddle you create to match the look and feel from your site, from button styling to borders and text formatting.

We loved how Premiership soccer/football powerhouse Manchester City FC flawlessly embedded their ‘Festive Face-off’ poll on their site – it feels organic to their branding and not like a 3rd party widget.

Extra cool: Man City used this poll to boost their email marketing list, using Riddle’s lead generation form as the contest entry form.

lead generation poll builder

Custom iFrame (12UP):

Our ‘Custom iFrame’ feature is perfect for super-charging your content marketing campaigns. You can display your own sign up forms, landing pages, or even ads between the last question and the user’s results.

Check out how sports publisher added their own Like us on Facebook’ page to their poll 


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