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12 min read

Customize everything with Riddle’s quiz CSS Editor

Did you know that you can use our quiz CSS editor to seamlessly embed and match your Riddle quiz, list, or poll to your website’s look and feel? Yup – from button styling to text, colors to borders, you customize nearly every element of a Riddle – and you don’t have to be a code […]

12 min read

Add your own logo to your Riddles

Want to remove our logo or use your own (or your client’s) in your Riddles? Now you can! By popular request, our white label packages are now live – you can give your Riddles the exact branding you need. ​ Lead generation: Go beyond using our lead gen forms to collect just a name and […]

12 min read

Now share any Riddle quiz on Whatsapp & Facebook Messenger

Think back to when you were a kid. Didn’t your parents always tell you it’s better to share? We think so too. That’s why we spent last week working flat out to make Riddle even more social. Our first big improvement? Any viewer can share your Riddle on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger!   Next, we’ve […]

Blend Quizzes on Your Site with Riddle’s CSS Style Override


Social data giant Kissmetrics knows that quizzes and interactive content are flat-out awesome at boosting engagement. They turn passive readers into viral brand advocates - increasing time on site and social shares. But why disrupt your site’s branding with a clunky 3rd party widget? Check out Riddle’s shiny new CSS Style Override - it lets you seamlessly [...]

Customizing quizzes – avoid the ‘patchwork quilt’ effect


First - a bit of history about customizing quizzes and ancient quilting. Sometime between the 11th and 13th centuries, patchwork quilts appeared in European homes. As temperatures dropped across the continent, cost conscience residents began stitching together fabrics in order to create a warmer, cheaper blanket. Early quilters were forced into their craft by [...]

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