Marketing 101 – Put yourself in your user’s shoes


The importance of understanding your audience in today’s competitive market is immense. Understanding your audience allows you to segment the market and therefore direct your marketing efforts efficiently. Once you have this market knowledge, you can make use of new marketing strategies as well as improve upon the existing ones to capitalize on the audience.

Effective marketing involves empathizing with users, understanding their needs, and tailoring strategies accordingly. facilitates these steps using the extremely powerful tools of quizzes and surveys.

Understanding your audience

  • The importance of empathy: Empathy allows marketers to connect with their audience on a deeper level. Understanding the target audience’s problems and pain points naturally allows marketers to put themselves in their shoes.
  • Building user personas: To know and empathize with your audience you need to create detailed user personas. They give an overview of the audience and allow for easier formulation and implementation of marketing strategies. 
  • Gathering data: This is the most important aspect of creating any user persona. Data collection can be carried out via different methods such as polls, surveys, and quizzes.

The role of quizzes in marketing

  • Engagement and interaction: Quizzes can engage users and allow for more collection of data. This is where comes in. This data collection and interaction can be personalized and tailormade with the plethora of tools and settings that has to offer.
  • Personalized insights: Quizzes can provide personalized insights into user preferences and behavior.’s branching logic allows upcoming questions to be based on the user’s previous answers, thereby personalizing the entire experience for every user. 
  • Data collection: makes data collection extremely easy. Especially by making effective use of our form blocks, users can collect different kinds of data from their audience. Post-collection, all these various data points can be viewed, connected to external applications, or downloaded at the click of an ‘Analyze’ button. 

Creating effective quizzes

  • Purpose and goals: Objectives need to be clearly defined before starting the Riddle creation process. Whether it’s lead generation, engagement, or education, keeping your goals in mind ensures you come up with a Riddle that effectively taps into audience data. 
  • Crafting questions: has lots of tips and instructions on how to create interesting and engaging content. 
  • Design and user experience: With’s user-friendly design and intuitive interface anyone can delve into the creation of engaging content. 

Integrating quizzes into your marketing strategy

Quiz marketing has the potential to disrupt online advertising. Here are the top three ways to use quizzes in marketing:

  • Placement and promotion: You can easily embed Riddles onto your website.
  • Analyzing results: All your Riddles can be easily analyzed at the click of a button from your main dashboard. This makes things much more convenient than traditional analysis methods.
  • Follow-up actions: Discuss strategies for following up with users based on their quiz results, such as personalized emails or recommendations.


Understanding your audience is crucial in today’s competitive market, allowing for efficient segmentation and targeted marketing strategies. Empathizing with users and building detailed personas based on gathered data are fundamental steps in this process. Quizzes and surveys like those created on are powerful tools for engaging users, collecting data, and gaining personalized insights into user preferences and behavior. Creating effective quizzes involves setting clear goals, crafting engaging questions, and ensuring a seamless user experience. Integrating quizzes into your marketing strategy, promoting them effectively, analyzing results, and following up with personalized actions can significantly enhance your marketing efforts. simplifies this entire process with its intuitive design, robust data collection, and comprehensive analytics features, making it an invaluable tool for modern marketers.


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