Improve your content with a reaction poll


Any kind of interaction that users have with your created content can be referred to as content engagement. To understand your audience better, you need to know exactly how your content is perceived by them. Merely creating good content is never sufficient. What your content needs is to resonate deeply with your audience so that they engage with it, share it with friends, and ideally leave their email address so they can come back for more.’s reaction polls

Add the reaction poll, which comes in the form of a slider, to every one of your articles. You can then ask your readers if your content piece changed their opinion or how they feel about the topic you covered. Voting is quick, easy, and visually appealing – with up to 40% of people participating. 

You can either leave it at that or ask for further information with different form blocks. You might want to find out how old your audience is, what gender they are, or where they live, for example. All this data can be made compulsory or optional for your audience. 

The benefits are twofold. Whilst you gather demographic data for improving and adapting future content, your audience engages actively with your site. This sense of connection to your topic and your company is elevated, leading to much higher share rates among their friends and other social circles. 

Benefits of using reaction polls at a glance

  • Real-time audience feedback Your readers can see see who voted for what, clearly and transparently. 
  • Increased engagement and interactionEasy to use and visually appealing, polls increase engagement and interaction among the audience. 
  • Insights into audience preferences and opinionsBy getting audience data and reactions you can exactly figure out what their preferences and opinions are about your content. 
  • Improvement in content strategy based on dataBased on the gathered data you can implement changes in your content strategy and therefore improve upon it.

Best practices for effective reaction polls

  • Create simple, clear, and concise questions.
  • Add form blocks if you want to collect user demographics. 
  • Mix and match with other poll blocks if you want to extend your questions beyond the reaction slider. 
  • Analyze results to refine your content and overall strategy. 


Understanding audience engagement is crucial for creating content that resonates deeply and encourages interaction. Reaction polls are just one way to gauge audience perceptions. By embedding quick, visually appealing polls such as those you can create on in articles, you not only increase engagement, with up to 40% participation, but also gather valuable demographic data. These statistical insights help content creators refine their strategies based on real-time feedback. 

By using reaction polls, creators can enhance audience interaction, gain detailed feedback, and continuously improve their content to better meet audience needs. Click here to learn more about Riddle polls and the various options for customization.

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