Case study: How this agency fell in love with quizzes

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Full service digital sports agency Sotic has used interactive quizzes in order to help their clients reach new fans and website users in a cost efficient way.

Sotic works with some of the top sports brands in the world.  Premiership Rugby, The Guinness Six Nations, and the Tour of Britain Cycling turn to Sotic when fan engagement is a top priority.

“We’re big fans. Easy to create and extensively customizable – our clients have seen a big lift in engagement and email collection.” – Jonathan McConnell, Head of Digital Operations

The agency challenge

In the modern world, we are surrounded by advertising.

We see ads everywhere:

  • while we read the morning paper
  • on the drive to work
  • as we search the web
  • when we watch TV before we go to sleep —

This cycle is rinsed and repeated every day. All in all, it’s estimated that each person sees up to 5,000 ads every day

For consumers, this has resulted in the rise of ad blockers – and a growing mistrust of advertising in general. In fact, marketers are estimated to lose more than $40 billion each year due to ignored ads.

For marketers, this saturated market means it’s harder than ever to get your message out. 

Allowing for easy in-house agency solutions

Most marketers tend to go for the most complicated option, attempting to outsmart the competition with hordes of data. The downside? These can often be pricey and time-consuming.

Simple in-house marketing strategies can be just as effective – doing things internally as an agency means campaigns can be cheaper and quicker to deploy.

That’s where quizzes come in.

For Sotic, their sporting clients were impressed with the speed and flexibility of the quiz making platform. The intuitive interface meant that every team member could rapidly create, edit, and embed their own content – no coding required. 

For Sotic clients:

“Previously quizzes need to be created as one-off custom projects – requiring a specialist agency.

Bringing high quality interactive content in-house has resulted in more fan engagement at a significant cost savings – a definite win/win.”

In order to reduce costs and maximise value for their clients, Sotic turned to Riddle.

Quizzes are a natural combination for competitions with built-in lead generation.

Sotic enabled their clients to offer a competition through a quizzing and polling module. The results? More fan engagement with increased time and cost efficiencies. 

agency quiz maker example

Social channels and virality

Why are quizzes so popular? Why are people more likely to share quiz results than any other type of online content?

The reason is rooted deep in human psychology.

Humans have always sought to find out some hidden detail about themselves — we love to discover, then tell the world about what we’ve learned.

A well-designed quiz is simply irresistible to be shared – especially in this era of smartphones and bite size content.

And every time a quiz is shared, it allows a company to interact with a new set of followers.

As a digital agency working with high profile sports teams and brands, Sotic looked for greater interactivity and content choices for fans. Sotic saw an opportunity to leverage Riddle’s quizzes and other interactive formats to provide an increased social footprint for each client’s campaigns. 

The results were fantastic.

The addition of a quiz maker to their product portfolio increased the number of engagement points for Sotic’s clients. The viral nature of quizzes allowed Sotic to create an endless cycle of potential new followers with every share.

Increased opt-in rate 

For many companies, it remains difficult to collect leads in the current advert-phobic environment.

To counter this, quizzes offer a unique means to increase the opt-in rate — up to 20 times the amount of traditional online campaigns. 

content strategy

Savvy marketers at an agency can ask questions in a quiz like “How many games do you watch each season?” – then combine the lead’s answers and personal information. This combines into a deeper, more insightful profile about each lead – increasing the chance of conversion. 

Sotic used quizzes as a value-added tool to help their clients engage with fans and website visitors to excellent results.

“We use Riddle as a value-added tool to help our clients engage with their fans and website visitors, and we have achieved some excellent results. Most recently, one of our high-profile clients ran a competition (using Riddle) which achieved an impressive 55% opt-in rate.”

Compare this to the average opt-in of two percent  for traditional online marketing campaigns.

sotic agency got results

Upon integrating in-house quizzes into their marketing strategies, Sotic’s clients saw immediate results. 

“Our sporting clients have been impressed with the speed and flexibility of Riddle’s quiz maker – the tools are intuitive to use.

This lack of a learning curve means that their teams are able to rapidly create, edit, and embed their own content. With no coding required, there was an overall 43% reduction in content creation speed.”

They were able to save money because quizzes are quick and easy to create – and their teams were able to create effective content with little or no training. Each client was able to see an increase in leads as quizzes – the viral exposure of their campaigns across social media. 

Sotic’s partners have relied on quizzes to stand out in this ultra-competitive age of social media… Game, point, match for Sotic.

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