Case study: Which? uses Riddle for cost-effective lead generation with quizzes

Riddle quizmaker for lead generation

The leading UK consumer awareness organization Which? faced a common marketing problem – and turned to lead generation with quizzes.
Why? – Today’s media landscape is crowded – there is a daily deluge of advertising messages vying for customer attention.
Existing marketing efforts were bringing in declining returns. Which? wanted to find an interactive means to:

  1. Retain the attention of users
  2. Increase its number of leads

That’s where Riddle quizmaker came in. Which? leveraged Riddle’s quiz maker to deliver the holy grail of content: engaging content that delivers high quality leads.
For Which?, lead generation with quizzes helped transform typically dull topics into lead generating machines!
And the bonus? – Quizzes’ naturally high virality helped Which? increase their social media presence through shares, likes, and other engagement.

“We wanted to engage and inform more consumers on often dry or impenetrable consumer topics in an interactive and fun way, and to gain supporters for our campaigning work in the process. Riddle provided the opportunity to do this with multiple embed options to suit our various CMS capabilities, which allowed us to create rapidly and experiment across different sites.”

– Adam Gillett, Online Engagement Manager at Which?

The changing advertising landscape

Ads are everywhere these days. Take a stroll around town. Watch your favorite TV show. Check your email.
Each of these mediums – both traditional and modern – are inundated with a series of ads vying for your attention.
In fact, the average modern person sees over 5,000 advertisements per day – a staggering number.

The result? Consumers are now much more wary of advertisements in general – simultaneously more exposed yet less susceptible to messaging. Furthermore, this 2019 study from the Technical University of Denmark provides strong evidence that consumers today have a far lower attention span than their predecessors – largely due to this increased information overload.
That’s not all. With the rise of ad-blockers, advertisers lose $40 billion in revenue every year thanks to the browser add-ons.

The challenge for the marketers at Which? – how can you stand out amongst among all the noise?

Lead generation with quizzes

As humans, we can’t resist quizzes. We simply love learning something about ourselves – from the serious Myers-Briggs or DISC tests to the silly with quizzes like “Which superhero are you?”.
And with smartphones, it’s easier than ever to quickly get hooked on a Buzzfeed-style quiz. Location doesn’t matter – at the bus stop, or killing time before a meeting.
Which?’s team leveraged Riddle to capture user data through lead generation with quizzes. The variety of interactive formats improved their marketing funnels and converted more members.

Look no further than the email opt-in rate enjoyed by quizzes.
Quizzes often receive a 40 percent email opt-in rate, or the number of users who give their information after finishing a quiz.
That’s over 20X the internet average of 2% for ‘traditional’ online lead generation methods – like newsletter pop ups.

Which? was able to leverage quizzes, polls, and other formats to gain more leads.
And since each quiz was much more likely to be shared, a virtuous cycle of see, take, and share was repeated, making quizzes a potentially endless source of lead information.

“We wanted to increase shares and lead generation for our campaigns and consumer rights content, as well as… increase on-page time and shareability of previously static content. With Riddle we were able to accomplish this.”

Summary: lead generation with quizzes

In the digital age, companies often find it difficult to jumpstart their marketing campaigns with the same tired tactics.
Which? turned to Riddle to get the job done – and they saw significant increases in the number of leads gained. As a result, they’ve now changed their entire marketing strategy.
Adam from Which? put it best:

“Working with Riddle has led to a fundamental reconsideration of how we structure our pages, how we provoke engagement and interaction with what we’re saying, and how we create longer journeys through our content.”

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best route to go. Quizzes are powered by their simplicity – people love to take and share them, increasing the scope of the content without additional work. 
This is critical for Which? to reach new potential members – and continue their mission around consumer awareness. They love that our “interactive formats create a really nice middle ground between your own digital estate and social media.”

Savvy marketers of all types would be wise to follow Which?’s example – and power their marketing funnels with quizzes in the digital age.
Which tool exceeds expectations for lead generation with quizzes? Just ask Which? It’s quizzes from… always.

Use Riddle to collect leads!

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