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Passionate about ultimate frisbee, photography and travel, I'm an active Californian who 10 years ago fell head over heels in love with living abroad in Europe, and love bringing a healthy dose of American enthusiasm to a string of start-ups and small European companies. History and culture are great and all, but I'm still searching holding out hope for the perfect Manchester hamburger... any tips?

ActiveCampaign lead generation and Riddle


ActiveCampaign Lead Generation with Riddle Riddle's quiz creator is a powerful marketing tool - enabling you to easily gather the names and emails of people who take your quiz. The next step? Sync Riddle with ActiveCampaign lead generation to automatically send personalized follow up messages based on how they answered. It's easy to do [...]

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We’ve shipped 21 new quiz features (and counting)


At Riddle - we believe change is good. Really good. And powered by caffeine, chocolate, and 80's power ballads, our development team constantly delivers new quiz features for our quiz creator. Just six months into 2017, check out these 21 killer new quiz features we’ve added: 1. Interactive story quiz - bring the power of [...]

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Call to action quiz buttons – boost sales and sign ups!


Riddle's quiz maker just got marketing superpowers. Sure, quizzes are great at engaging your audience – people love to take and share them with their friends. But now you can add call to action quiz buttons to any Riddle test, list, or poll – perfect for presenting special offers targeted to their quiz results. [...]

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Embed online quizzes on your site with Riddle’s quiz creator


Riddle's quiz creator makes it easy to quickly build online quizzes, polls, lists, and more. Awesome at engaging your audience or gathering emails and powering your marketing funnel, here's how you can use Riddle to embed online quizzes on your site. First off, at Riddle, we like to give you options... lots of options. Flexibility [...]

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Quiz maker review: Riddle or Opinion Stage?


Opinion Stage and Riddle are two of the most well-known quiz creators on the market today. Now your business needs are unique - there's no one 'right' answer about which platform you should choose. We compiled this quiz maker review to help you decide what are the most important features for your business. (We're big fans [...]

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Create your own poll online – boost engagement and sharing


Polls are a proven way to engage your audience. Asking people about their opinion is simple and powerful - it turns passive (and fickle) readers into engaged users who stay onsite longer (and share more often). The best news? Creating your own poll online is easy with Riddle's quiz maker.  Our publishing partners like Callaway [...]

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Online quiz images – choosing the right picture


Online quiz images are the rocket fuel behind making an effective quiz. Along with the right quiz title, the perfect image can catch your readers' attention, keep them interested - then drive clicks as your quiz gets shared with their friends. But how do you choose the right source for online quiz images? We can [...]

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Create a quiz marketing funnel with Riddle


Quizzes are the most shared content online (according to Adweek). But sharing is just the start. Now, you can quickly create your own automated quiz marketing funnel - using a quiz maker and most email automation tools. Evolve past ‘once size fits all’ messaging - leverage the power of quizzes to deliver the right message [...]

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Fornicating ducks and Riddle – a quiz creator podcast


Sure, this post's title might be a bit (ahem) unusual. However, it was inspired by an awesome shout out for Riddle by content expert Neil Vauxhall on his quiz creator podcast "Let's Talk Interactive Content". Oh, and about the ducks? Neil tried recording the first take of the podcast by his pool - only to [...]

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Quiz maker comparison: Riddle vs. Qzzr


Looking to grow your audience and qualify potential customers through quizzes? You've probably come across the two market leaders - Riddle and Qzzr. Check out our quiz maker comparison - highlighting the key differences between these two platforms. (Sure, we've got a soft spot for Riddle - this is our blog after all - [...]

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