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Passionate about ultimate frisbee, photography and travel, I'm an active Californian who 10 years ago fell head over heels in love with living abroad in Europe, and love bringing a healthy dose of American enthusiasm to a string of start-ups and small European companies. History and culture are great and all, but I'm still searching holding out hope for the perfect Manchester hamburger... any tips?

New quiz type: ranked poll


At Riddle, we're proud to introduce our newest quiz type - the ranked poll. Our community of users are amazing - constantly coming up with ideas for new features and quiz types. And we listen - about 90% of our new features come from user suggestions. Our new ranked poll is no different - it [...]

New quiz type: ranked poll2017-10-20T09:11:25+00:00

Social story – where quiz meets blog post


Quiz Maker meets Blog Post We’re pumped at Riddle… we just rolled out our new social story for our quiz maker. Think of it as ‘quiz meets blog’ - you’ll be able to create a rich long-form text story, full of social media, images, and even your other Riddles. Ideal if you want to [...]

Social story – where quiz meets blog post2018-08-21T10:04:33+00:00

Apply new quiz styles or layouts


We're big (really big) into flexibility at Riddle. Our quiz maker is designed so you can easily customize it to your own particular needs. At last count, we have over 75 ways to customize your quiz, survey, or poll - including colors, fonts and languages, buttons or social share messages. Now we've added new [...]

Apply new quiz styles or layouts2018-08-21T10:13:17+00:00

Quiz lead generation with Riddle – collect emails through quizzes


We designed Riddle's quiz maker with quiz lead generation in mind - so you can easily collect users' emails in all of our quiz types. Quiz lead generation - how it works: You add a lead generation form in the 'lead gen' step of the creation process. It can be mandatory or optional. Each user [...]

Quiz lead generation with Riddle – collect emails through quizzes2018-06-06T17:00:09+00:00

Copy quiz questions or results


Hey - we get it. Time is tight these days - that's why we just introduced your new quiz time-saver. Now with Riddle's quiz maker, you can duplicate any question or answer with just a click. We'd like to claim credit for the idea, but we didn't think of this ourselves. Nope, it was our [...]

Copy quiz questions or results2017-10-19T16:56:53+00:00

Automatically close online polls – by date & time


At Riddle, customer suggestions drive about 90% of all our new product features. So when our partners wanted to automatically close online polls at a specific date and time, we jumped and added this feature. Automatically close online polls - getting started By popular request, we added an 'automatically close online polls' option. Online [...]

Automatically close online polls – by date & time2018-07-17T15:47:47+00:00

Riddle quiz maker: personality test – extended results


Personality tests are the most viral of all quizzes. It's for one reason - personality tests let people discover something new about themselves, then share their results with their friends. With Riddle's extended results option, our quiz maker lets your users dive deeper. Beyond their main result, each person can now see how they scored on all [...]

Riddle quiz maker: personality test – extended results2017-10-19T16:57:23+00:00

Riddle quiz maker: how to use team templates


We launched Riddle back in 2014 with one goal - to be the fastest, most stylish quiz maker on the planet. As a key part of this strategy, we added team templates - so that you can save and apply preset combinations of fonts, colors, branding, and more. Our partners like the BBC, the NFL's [...]

Riddle quiz maker: how to use team templates2017-10-19T16:58:10+00:00

White labelled quiz maker plans – Riddle Pro or Enterprise?


Our team at Riddle is often asked, "I want a fully white labelled quiz maker. Which Riddle plan is right for my business?" The good news is that Riddle has two options for your needs - Pro and Enterprise. We designed Pro for solo creators or small companies - giving full control over your branding, [...]

White labelled quiz maker plans – Riddle Pro or Enterprise?2017-10-31T12:01:21+00:00

HubSpot lead generation and Riddle


HuBSpot Lead Generation with Riddle Riddle's quiz maker is a powerful marketing tool - enabling you to easily gather the names and emails of people who take your quiz. The next step? Sync Riddle with HubSpot lead generation to automatically send personalized follow up messages based on how they answered. It's easy to do [...]

HubSpot lead generation and Riddle2017-10-19T16:58:20+00:00