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Quiz maker comparison: Riddle vs. Qzzr

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Looking to grow your audience and qualify potential customers through quizzes? You’ve probably come across the two market leaders – Riddle and Qzzr. Check out our quiz maker comparison – highlighting the key differences between these two platforms.

(Sure, we’ve got a soft spot for Riddle – this is our blog after all – but our feature by feature quiz maker comparison backs this up. Want to see more? Check out our full feature list – over 100 quiz and lead generation features.)

quiz maker comparison

Quiz maker comparison: pricing model

Riddle and Qzzr are both subscription services, with month by month and annual options. With Riddle, your quizzes will always stay live – even if you cancel. We don’t want to leave any holes in your pretty website. 

Pricing modelSubscriptionSubscription
BASIC plan$15 / month$24.99
PRO plan$39 / month$199 / month
ENTERPRISE plan$199 / month$999 / month

In terms of price, we decided to make Riddle as intuitive as our quiz maker. All our plans are completely unlimited – create as many quizzes as you like, with no limits on your audience size or how many leads you can gather.

Unlimited quizzes?YesYes
Unlimited users?YesNo - varies by plan
Unlimited leads?YesNo - varies by plan

Quiz maker comparison: how many quiz types?

Qzzr is a solid quiz platform – with a nice user interface and the published quizzes look great.

However, they’re limited to just two types of quizzes – what we call a ‘pop quiz’ with right/wrong answers and a personality test that returns an overall result based on how you answered.

Riddle goes further, offering:

  • Twelve different quiz tools
  • Pop quiz and personality test, as well as listicles, ranked lists, two types of polls, and flexible surveys
  • Our unique ‘interactive story‘ – a flexible branching logic quiz where each user sees different questions based on their individual responses.
  • Innovative touch-focused ‘Tap and Find’ and ‘Order It’ quizzes types – your audience picks their answers directly on each quiz image.
  • Stand alone lead generation form – now collect leads using forms that live outside of your quizzes.
Pop quizYesYes
Personality testYesYes
Ranked listYesNo
Opinion pollYesNo
Reaction poll (slider)YesNo
Interactive story (branching)YesNo
Tap and findYesNo
Order ItYesNo
Ranked pollYesNo
Social storyYesNo
Stand alone lead generation formYesNo

Quiz maker comparison: branding and customization

Nobody likes a 3rd party quiz widget sitting on their site.

It’s disruptive to the user experience – so both Riddle and Qzzr offer a number of options for seamlessly blending your quiz, list, or poll into your site.

100% white label (no branding)PRO & ENTERPRISEENTERPRISE
Customize all colorsYes - all plansENTERPRISE only
Add custom footer for legal linksYesNo
Save all customizations as a templateENTERPRISENo

Riddle offers a greater range of options across all of our plans – with even our BASIC option providing full font and color choices. Our PRO is a fully white label option as well – you can remove all Riddle branding and add your own. And as for ENTERPRISE – we give you full control; you do virtually anything, including customizing every visual element with CSS or uploading your own fonts so your quiz matches your site.

By comparison, Qzzr’s BASIC and PRO plans offer no customization options – plan limits creators to 8 colors. It’s very much a ‘use our template or nothing’ philosophy.

Quiz maker comparison: lead generation and data capture

Getting your audience involved and clicking with a quiz is only half the process.

Quizzes, lists, and polls are brilliant ways to gather email address and collect user responses – perfect for:

  • Contests – ex. “Answer 90% or higher in our quiz – be entered to win!”
  • Lead generation – qualify potential customers and send them the right message, based on their responses
Unlimited leads?YesNo
Native integrations with Aweber and Mailchimp?All plansENTERPRISE
Connect to any system (Zapier, webhook)All plansNo
Data export All plansENTERPRISE
Gated results All plansENTERPRISE
Form builder - with 16 types of fieldsAll plansPRO - basic form builder only

Both Qzzr and Riddle let you gather emails and user responses. The key differences lie in:

  1. Pricing – Qzzr only enables these features with their ENTERPRISE option, while they are available on all Riddle plans.
  2. Flexibility – Riddle goes beyond AWeber and MailChimp, and lets you connect your quiz to any data system on the planet with our Zapier and webhook integration options.
  3. Drag and drop form builder – go beyond text fields, quickly create your own forms using Riddle’s 16 types of fields from drop-downs, date pickers, and more.

Quiz maker comparison: customer service

Creating a great set of quiz tools is just the start. You also need to provide world-class support to all of your customers – both large and small.

Live support:RiddleQzzr

We’re big believers in the power of ‘word of mouth’ marketing. We’ve made it a point to provide awesome customer service – so our community becomes our biggest advocates.

Seriously – we’re big customer service geeks. Everyone from the CEO down generally races each other to respond first.

(We have a weekly ‘Helper Hero’ trophy for the person who answers the most customer requests. Winner gets beers!)

quiz maker comparison

Quiz maker comparison: free to try?

At the end of the day, both Riddle and Qzzr let you create excellent quizzes – we just hope that you’re tempted to give us a shot.

(Psst… unlike Qzzr, you don’t need to arrange a demo call – just click ‘Create a quiz‘ and try all the features of our quiz tools for 14 days.)

Any questions? Just give us a shout at hello@riddle.com*- and watch how fast we respond. 🙂

We’re based in Europe – and are online from 2am to 5pm EST / 7am to 10pm GMT.

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