Solving the Twitter Riddle Part 1: Business networking on Twitter

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An elevator pitch is an essential networking and sales tool. It tells someone exactly what you do and how you can help them (or someone they know). Here’s how you can use it for networking on Twitter. Let’s start off with an example of an elevator pitch – in this case for Riddle:

Riddle is a beautifully intuitive quiz maker for creating interactive content that people love to share that can be used for lead generation to get email sign ups.

Of course, Riddle does much more than this, but this short statement sums up the core function of our tools. The name ‘elevator pitch’ stems from the dream situation where you find yourself travelling in an elevator with a business guru such as Bill Gates. You have 30 seconds to get their attention with your concise business pitch.

In reality you’re more likely to get flustered and say something like: “What floor do you want?” Or maybe even “What were thinking of with Windows 10?”

However, if you can keep your cool a good elevator pitch will get the guru’s attention giving you the opportunity to arrange a less hurried meeting.

But how likely are you to share an elevator with a business guru?

Business gurus across the world are probably far fitter than the average person because they prefer to take the stairs to avoid endless elevator pitches. However, these influential people can be ambushed for networking on Twitter (in a friendly non-threatening way) and there’s no need to worry about bad breath or claustrophobia.

Networking on Twitter with celebrities

You’re much more likely to share 30 seconds with a celebrity on Twitter than in an elevator. You can even spend time choosing your targets. Once chosen you can retweet their tweets or make interesting comments that add value (or entertainment) to the original tweet. If they respond you can try to foster that relationship and gain benefits in terms of some useful or extra exposure for your tweets.

Unfortunately, if you try this with a Twitter superstar your response will probably be buried under a pile of other responses in seconds. It’s a bit like being in the same room as the celebrity amongst hundreds of other people clamouring for their attention.

If you ignore the big superstars and focus on finding interesting and useful people, you’re heading back to more traditional networking. Many people will get up ridiculously early to attend a business breakfast but you can network on Twitter any when you like.

Your targets should be experts in their field who are well connected and who are likely to interact with you. You just need to follow, interact and learn. You don’t even need to spout your elevator pitch – although you might want to tweet it occasionally and squeeze it into your Twitter profile. Along with a link of course.

People buy from people and your Twitter feed shows the world just how interesting you are. Just don’t make it full of photos of  your cat or what you are eating!

How to find influential people for networking on Twitter

Search Twitter for your core keywords

Look out for Twitter addresses at the end of useful online articles

Use the Twitter ‘Who to follow’ tool – this reflects your recent interactions

If you want local experts search by location on Twitter’s advanced search tool

When you find a expert you can mine their followers

Or the people who follow them

Rinse and repeat!

How do I use Twitter to as a lead generation tool?

Once you’ve got an actively networking on Twitter you can also add a viral touch by using Riddles. People love to share quizzes and personality tests and with our lead generation tools you can collect email addresses for your newsletter or sales funnel.

It’s a technique used by many big brands. See examples here from the NBA’s Chicago Bulls  or Visit Sweden’s What’s your dream Swedish Vacation? quiz.

Have a play with our quiz maker and lead generation tools and then network on Twitter with us by sharing your work with us on our Twitter account @Riddleapp!

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