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Create an online list (AKA ‘listicle’)

2018-10-22T15:38:49+00:00Quiz marketing|

Lists - or 'listicles' - are some of our most popular content types on Riddle... It might seem like they're just a list with words, but read on to create an online list to engage your audience. Writing lists is all about the simple interaction of image and words. An image gives more detail [...]

Show your video ad in each quiz

2018-10-22T14:55:35+00:00Quiz marketing|

Run video ads instead of a lead generation form Did you know that you could embed your own video ad in each quiz with Riddle's Enterprise plan? Riddle's quiz maker features a great way for you to monetize your quizzes. At the end of the quiz - right before you show the result - [...]

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