Add hidden text and hidden query fields to your form

Riddle’s quiz maker includes a super powerful, very flexible lead generation module – allowing you collect and send data to virtually any data system, using our hidden text and hidden query fields.

(For you advanced marketing types, these hidden text fields are not visible to the user, but that can massively help you optimize your marketing and improve your conversions.)

Want an overview of Riddle’s quiz lead generation options? Check out our handy blog post and video overview.

Field type: “hidden text”

Pass on a hidden text field along with the form to identify the form or the lead source.

This field can be super useful if you are running a lot of Riddle forms and want to make sure to identify which form each lead filled out.

Just enter any value (e.g. the name of your Riddle) or your own internal ID. We will send that along with the info from each lead to wherever you’re collecting your lead data.

Field type: “hidden query”

Grab a URL parameter and attach it to the form data. Enter the name of the parameter (case sensitive) for which you want to grab the value.

For example, if your URL is – add the word “leadsource” below and we will send the value “bannerads” along with the form.

IMPT: If you use this URL parameter, you must use our standard, unaltered embed code and embed the Riddle on your website.

Why use ‘hidden text’ or ‘hidden query’ fields?

We know these might be a little confusing if you’re new to quiz marketing.

But it’s well worth learning how to use them – you can quickly find out which traffic sources convert the best. This is key to creating a successful quiz marketing funnel.

For example, imagine your quiz generates 1,000 leads – 500 from site A and 500 from site B. Using hidden text, you can tag each lead’s source – then measure how many convert to happy paying customers on your site.

You might find that site A gets more leads – but site B’s convert better.

As a savvy marketer, you would then turn off site A’s traffic, and send more to site B – stretching your marketing budget.

This will save you time and money – and you can focus on the leads most likely to convert!

Any questions @ hidden text and query fields?

Don’t be shy – if you have any questions about hidden text fields (or anything quiz-related!) just ask on our support chat – or drop us a line by email (

We’re big quiz geeks – and love helping out!