Riddle’s quiz maker puts you in control of nearly every element of your quiz. We give you full control over quiz customization – pick the colors, fonts, and CSS to completely match the look and feel of your site.

Want to support your sponsors with advertising opportunities? Add in their logos and other branding – Riddle’s quiz creator makes it easy.

Our goal? Provide a complete quiz customization tool kit – so you can create and embed quizzes, lists, and polls that seamlessly match your site.

Avoid embedding a quiz widget that doesn’t match your site. It’s horrible user experience – and distracts users from your website’s content.

You can change literally every visual element of your quiz. Text overlays, button stylings, embed formatting – the works. Save this as a template – so you can apply all these changes with just a click.

With Riddle’s quiz creator, quiz customization is easy. No coding is required, and your readers will never know the difference.

Show your video ad in each quiz


Run video ads instead of a lead generation form Did you know that you could embed your own video ad in each quiz with Riddle's Enterprise plan? Riddle's quiz maker features a great way for you to monetize your quizzes. At the end of the quiz - right before you show the result - [...]

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Apply new quiz styles or layouts


We're big (really big) into flexibility at Riddle. Our quiz maker is designed so you can easily customize it to your own particular needs. At last count, we have over 75 ways to customize your quiz, survey, or poll - including colors, fonts and languages, buttons or social share messages. Now we've added new [...]

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Riddle quiz maker: how to use team templates


We launched Riddle back in 2014 with one goal - to be the fastest, most stylish quiz maker on the planet. As a key part of this strategy, we added team templates - so that you can save and apply preset combinations of fonts, colors, branding, and more. Our partners like the BBC, the NFL's [...]

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White labelled quiz maker plans – Riddle Pro or Enterprise?


Our team at Riddle is often asked, "I want a fully white labelled quiz maker. Which Riddle plan is right for my business?" The good news is that Riddle has two options for your needs - Pro and Enterprise. We designed Pro for solo creators or small companies - giving full control over your branding, [...]

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Tutorial – Using Riddle with Thunder CMS


Riddle Quiz Maker and the Thunder Drupal CMS If you are a building your site on Drupal, you might want to check out Thunder - the free, open source, Drupal based CMS. Thunder is being used small bloggers as well as large global publishers like Hurbert Burda Media and supported by leading industry partners such [...]

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Customize anything with Riddle’s CSS quiz editor


Social data giant Kissmetrics knows that quizzes and interactive content are flat-out awesome at boosting engagement. They turn passive readers into viral brand advocates - increasing time on site and social shares. But why disrupt your site’s branding with a clunky 3rd party widget? Check out Riddle’s shiny new CSS quiz editor - it lets you seamlessly [...]

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How to test a custom result landing page


Did you see the integration tab mentioning webhooks and custom result page while building your Riddle and wonder what you can do with it? Through the integrations, you can build a highly customized quiz experience, which includes sending people to a custom result page, that you can design any way you like. It does take [...]

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Quiz result landing pages with Riddle


Want to send your quiz takers to a specific page based on their quiz responses? It's super easy with Riddle's quiz result landing pages - no coding required. Quizzes are a powerful way to qualify potential leads - with users answering questions based on their own experiences needs. Instead of just including links or [...]

Quiz result landing pages with Riddle2018-07-11T16:42:15+00:00

Create a quiz matching your site’s custom fonts


Want to create a quiz, list, or poll that's a perfect match to your site? You can now use our custom fonts feature as part of our Enterprise plan, to use any font from Google, Adobe Typekit, Fonts.com and Fontdeck. Now you use your site's fonts in your Riddles - for a seamless user experience. [...]

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Embed videos, ads, and other content with Riddle’s ‘In-Quiz iFrame’


Adding lead generation to interactive content like quizzes, lists, and polls is powerful. Your audience is at their most engaged - so it's a perfect time to ask for their name and email address for newsletter sign ups, contest entries, or white papers. Now you can use our new In Quiz iFrame tool to display your [...]

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