Quiz customization: 50+ ways to style your quiz

All our Riddle quizzes feature built-in social sharing
Send users to separate URLs with custom result landing pages
Check out all the ways you can embed your quiz on your site
Enjoy total creative control - customize (almost) everything
Seamlessly match your quiz to your site's look and feel
Choose the perfect type of quiz for your unique needs
Apply preset quiz styles and themes to match your site
Save time with our new copy questions or quiz result feature
Don't stress - auto-close your polls at any date and time
Show all their test results (XX% result A, YY% result B...)
Easily save and apply your quiz's look and feel with a click
Help decide which Riddle plan would best meet your needs
Quickly learn to use Riddle with the Thunder CMS (Drupal)
Choose the right images to make your quiz visually 'pop'
Add animated GIFs via Giphy, Google, or create your own
Upload your font or use Google Fonts, TypeKit, and more
Embed your quiz at any size from 200px to 2000
Change (almost) every element of your quiz to match your site
Avoid ugly quiz widgets - blend your quizzes to your site
Use high quality free images in your Riddle quizzes
Easily add your logo (or your clients') to your quizzes
Add any YouTube video to your quiz + set start & end points
Share your quiz in 67 languages - from Arabic to Yoruba
Embed your quiz in your site - to look great on any screen

Quiz customization is vitally important for our community of quiz marketers. We’ve designed our quiz maker so that every quiz, personality test, or other Riddle content blends seamlessly in your site – and seamlessly matches your brand’s look and feel.

  • We offer over 50 features – giving you complete creative control, including 100% white-labelling for our Pro and Team plans.
  • Unlike other quiz creators, the vast majority of these quiz customization options are available across all of our plans – from Basic to Pro and Team.
  • After all, your audience will spend an average of three to five minutesĀ  on your site taking each personality test, quiz, and other Riddle format.

That’s a lot of time interacting with your brand – making it even more important that your quiz looks as professional as your site.


Quiz customization – sample features

Here’s just a small sample of the 50+ tools we give you for unrivalled flexibility:
Quiz styling:
  • Multiple layouts
  • Fully responsive & mobile-responsive
  • Hide start page
  • Unroll quizzes
Quiz colors:
  • Font colors
  • Buttons
  • Highlight (color change with mouse-over)
  • Button text
  • Background colors
  • And if this wasn’t enough quiz customization – you can also edit the CSS of your quiz or other Riddle content directly.
  • Complete creative freedom – your designers will love it.
  • You can remove borders, change highlight states, even change the structure and order of your quiz.

That’s just a small taste of the quiz customization options included with our quiz creator.

We’ve also added ways to speed up creating brand-compliant quizzes with Riddle.

You can utilize our team style templates – to apply your combination of colors, branding, and other formatting to any new quiz with just a click.

Want to learn more?

We recommend you take a look at our partner showcase – for live examples of how our quiz community customize their quizzes for their marketing needs.

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